Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Meek Mill Suicidal Over Nicki Minaj?

Insiders claim Meek Mill threatens to kill himself every time Nicki Minaj dumps him...

From Crazy Days and Nights
Blind Items Revealed
December 16, 2016
This A- list rapper is threatening to kill himself because his foreign born A list rapper girlfriend split with him.
Meek Mill/Nicki Minaj
Which may explain why he was willing to allow this stunt last month.


Anonymous said...

Who's foot is that? Nikki's? It looks like one of his homeboy's feet.

And Meek doesn't miss her, he misses the access and lifestyle. No judgment because I would hate to have to go back to those projects in Bartram Village.

The King Of The Real said...

He messy

Anonymous said...

It's Kanye's foot.

Anonymous said...

^^^ LMAO @ 3:53PM I'm dead!

Anonymous said...

He better kiss them corns b/c that is the last woman he will ever have on that level.

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