Monday, December 12, 2016

Nick Cannon Comedy Special Takes on Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon just snagged a comedy special on Showtime and apparently ex-wife Mariah Carey and her new boyfriend Bryan Tanaka are NOT off limits...

Nick tells ETonline
"It's my third one. I don't want to give anything away, but we talk about everything,"
admitting he will talk about Mariah and Bryan "a little bit."


Anonymous said...

That turban should be off limits. Damn fool.

Anonymous said...

A Stunt queens work is never done.

Anonymous said...

each and every celebrity in the public light these days is

T I R E D!

boring, trying to stir up drama so we can care about their putrid lives.

but they just lost one; right now I can only worry about my own putrid life.


n e x t?!?!?!

iketernr said...

His last stand-up suuuucked.
DAYUM! Who is Nick screwing to keep him doing comedy?

Anonymous said...

Is he supposed to be a comedian? I hope is just hosting a stand up comedy special for real comedians 'cuz he ain't funny at all.

prissa o said...

What you said @2:24

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