Thursday, December 08, 2016

Prince Estates Allows New Paternity Test

A man from New Zealand is being allowed to submit DNA to determine whether or not he is the son of the late rocker Prince...

According to reports administrators of Prince's estate will allow Max Stacey McCormack to submit DNA admitting it is 'theoretically possible' Prince had sex with the man's mother.

To date all other paternity submissions have come back negative.


Anonymous said...

Prince don't have no g-d children. I'm not going to pretend I know about his sex life. But breeding was clearly something he's managed to avoid. Nowadays, I don't think anyone would have waited until he died to try getting in his pockets.

Anonymous said...

This is sad he is being treated like an instant ATM machine by women who think they slept with him. For Christ sake, if he knew he had a child he would have acknowledged it. Prince didn't play when it came to his money or his seed. He always seemed very careful. If he wanted those women they would have been with him. None of them broads were able to capture that man's heart for a lifetime.

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