Thursday, December 29, 2016

Prince Harry Refusing to Meet Meghan Markel's Parents?

Trouble in paradise for actress Meghan Markel and Prince Harry?

Insiders claim the red-haired royal has zero interest in meeting Meghan's parents...

Sources tell Radar Online
"...the Suits actress is “fuming” as Prince Harry continues to dodge her invitations to meet her family."
“Meghan’s had to go through the whole ridiculously pompous rigmarole of being introduced to Harry’s family, the etiquette list just for five minutes in front of the Queen took her a few days of memorizing.”
“The least he can do is come for lunch at her mom’s place, or even down to Mexico to see her dad.” 


erijoey3 said...

He's not that into you, drop him now!!!

Anonymous said...

That's because Meghan is a jump off; He may fly in to see her or take her Christmas Tree shopping or even introduce her to one or two of his family or friends, but this is a fling. Why hasn't there been one full on photo of them together? When he was with Chelsea Davy they were always photographed.

I do think he's a stand up guy for claiming her when she was the target of horrible internet racism, though I think that's just the type of man he his (which is refreshing.) But it's her PR team making this bigger than it is.

Harry is sewing the last of his wild oats and will marry a posh, connected, upper-class, white 24 year old Sloan Square or Belgravia virgin. I don't take any joy in this but it's about time Meghan is honest with herself. He comes from an unbroken line that goes back 1000 years and they are beyond racism...They care only about lineage and background (oh yes, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William are distant cousins) so Meghan needs to accept this for what it is or move on.

Anonymous said...

Once again, the media making something more than what it is.

Anonymous said...

Damn at 11:10. You explained it all!

prissa o said...

I never believed this anyway. Not ONE pic of them together?
But they supposedly making wedding plans.

Sure Jan

Anonymous said...

anybody that believes this story is a gatdamn FOOL!! They are dating. Aren't they allowed to date and see how it goes? How many of you hoes demand your boyfriend fly to some damn mexico to meet their father? Yea. I didn't think so. Radar and their unnamed "sources" are full of shit. She's "fuming?" BISH WHERE?? GIRL BYE! They ain't nothing but clickbait queens! I would love to see the day people do just a modicum critical thinking.

Anonymous said...

Meghan ... is that you 5:01? You seem extra pressed about this! If Harry can fly to get him a piece from her in Toronto (not to mention how he was on a Caribbean tour a few weeks ago), it seems like a plane ride to Mexico wouldn't be out of reach. Hell I would rather be there than gloomy London anyway. And how do you know they are really dating? The only pic I have seen of them are side-by-sides. Never one together!

Just enjoy yourself while it lasts, Meghan. I know I would. As much as I love some Prince Harry, I wouldn't want to marry into that family anyways.

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