Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Rihanna Charms Prince Harry?

Has Rihanna managed to charm Prince Harry..?

If the rumors are true she has.

From Crazy Days and Nights
Blind Items Revealed
December 6, 2016
Apparently last week, this getting to be permanent A list one named singer had an interesting cocktail hour with this foreign born A+ list celebrity who is A+ list everywhere in the world. She chain smoked joints and had wine and he sipped on a few straight whiskeys. Sunset and a beach and about 40 security staff who kept their distance.
Rihanna/Prince Harry


Anonymous said...

They just hung out...He would never and she would never unless directed.

Anonymous said...


The King Of The Real said...

he got a woman

Anonymous said...

Crazy Days and Nights is full of shit these days...I think gossip blogs are becoming a thing of the past, all this made up shit these days

prissa o said...

He acted like her was scared LOL
And why wouldn't she? He is "blue blooded" royalty. And his gf looks about as interesting as Duchess Kate (and she's white bread and saltine crackers - dry and bland).

They may have just for shits and giggles, and more power to them if they did. *shrug*

Felicia said...

I love it!!! Rihanna chain smoking joints and wine!! My kind of GIRL

Anonymous said...

I told you not to let this gorgeous barbadian she devil near the prince. She will have the royals smoking weed and twerking in the castle in no time.

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