Thursday, December 29, 2016

Rob Kardashian Rushed to the Hospital

Blac Chyna rushes to Rob Kardashian's side after he suffers a medical emergency ...

From TMZ
Blac Chyna and Kris Jenner rushed to an emergency room Wednesday night after Rob Kardashian went into "medical distress.' ... TMZ has learned.
Chyna and Kris arrived separately -- Kris was with Corey Gamble -- and rushed into the ER at 9:45 PM near Hidden Hills, where the family lives.
Sources connected with the family confirm Rob had checked himself in earlier in the evening.
Rob and Chyna have been living separately, which explains why she showed up later.


Anonymous said...

We told Rob to move but he is dependent on the witches coven.

Anonymous said...

Chyna has no business visiting him. Doesn't make sense for her to be loyal to someone for the wrong reasons

Anonymous said...

is he next? their dropping like flies one behind the other u have to wonder

Anonymous said...

What was this "medical emergency?" Dehydration?? Meaning he is suffering from extreme thirst to stay relevant. He is starting to act just like his sisters! I pray they don't sacrifice one of their kids for sympathy and relevancy, but I have a feeling that is next! They know that the tide is turning against them. No one cares about this family anymore. The Kardashians are so 2008/2009. Now they are old heauxs with a trail of ex husbands that they have destroyed in one way or the other! From one antic to the other, they are all out of moves, so a sacrifice wouldn't be out of line!

As for Slob Kardashian, give Slob an IV of Sprite and keep it moving! #obeyyourthirst


The King Of The Real said...

damn the man cant catch a break

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