Thursday, December 22, 2016

Shotgun Wedding for Meghan and Harry?

Horrified palace insiders claim Prince Harry has secretly knocked up American actress Meghan Markel and the Queen is demanding he marry her immediately...

From The Globe
BAD boy Prince Harry has knocked up American actress Meghan Markle, sources tell Globe — and mortified Queen Elizabeth has ordered the red-haired rebel to marry her — pronto!
Now Harry, 32, and Suits sex siren Meghan, 35, are planning their shotgun wedding, palace insiders say. But the rest of the royals — including Harry’s brother William, sister-in-law Kate and father Charles — are against the nuptials!
In fact, Charles ordered his youngest son “to come to his senses and buy off the bimbo,” a palace source reveals. “William and Kate are mortified — and told Harry he ‘should’ve been a whole lot smarter.’


Anonymous said...

I'm reposting my comment because I think I could be on to something.....

I think I now understand the point of this relationship. Why all the blogs are shoving this down our throats when before no one was checking for this nobody actress or the "spare" Prince. It's supposed to represent a new alliance between the UK and the US. Once Drumpf is sworn in next month his main order of business will be to move away from globalism/the NWO. His whole campaign was basically ran on white nationalism. He wants the US to follow in the UK's footsteps with the Brexit move. And if he plans on doing that then that will make America enemy number one and we'll have to ally with someone else, so why not the former "parent" of the US? As we ALL know, these celebrities are just pawns for greater agendas. If Harry and this girl were to get married in a grand way like Kate and William did it would strengthen the relationship between UK/US and especially between black Americans and Brits. They chose this biracial girl for a reason, they need blacks to go along with the agenda. That's why you see Hollywood put out that "Loving" movie about the first interracial couple in the US (white man, black woman) and why the Viacom-owned BET gave Gary Owen a reality show (again white man, black woman). The media is reinforcing white supremacy and essentially putting black women back under the white man's thumb (or giving the black woman a space and platform they wouldn't usually have, depends on how you see it). The goal of course is American isolationism (UK is just for aide) with Donald being the new "Hitler". If i'm right, Don could potentially lead us into WWIII with America being Hitler's Germany of the 1930's. Very scary.

12:51 PM

Smithy Love said...

I'm baffled by this story 😳. I keep seeing these two pop up more and more so there has to be some type of significance.

Anonymous said...

9:02 you could be on to something! Let me think deeply about it because that's thought provoking...

Anonymous said...

@9:02 am
i think i speak for the majority of country when i say we could give half of a damn about the U.K.! wasn't checking for them before and i certainly wasn't checking for them after the whole kate&william over the top courtship and coverage. i don't see anyone giving much of damn for some irrelevant acctress and the throwaway prince's relationship. real people are too busy hustling for theirs to even care about some tabloid garbage, even if the girl is american... i understand maybe in '04-'14 when this shit ruled the airwaves but now the kardashians are suffering due to an increasing amount of disinterest from the gen public

Anonymous said...

You ARE in fact onto something but its bigger than you think.

The Lion "United Kingdom"
The Eagle "United States"
The Bear "Russia"

For the first time in recorded history alliances are being formed between these three autonomous nations.

Soon we will abandon our old allies and those that the US used to protect will be forced to rely on the one they denied. He is coming. Get ready.

Anonymous said...


Please do. There's a reason they are pushing this marriage in our faces.

Anonymous said...


I agree with you cause I don't give a damn either! However that wont stop the media from trying as you know! We still get 50 K trash stories a day when no one really cares. Hollywood will push whatever agenda they want even when there is no interest. Do you have another theory as to why this "relationship" is being pushed so strongly?

Anonymous said...


Is this really the first time the US has been allied with Russia? I know with the Cold war we weren't on good terms. When you say abandon old allies do you mean Israel? If so I agree! Don said "Make America Great Again", meaning he's going to pull resources back here and thus pull our protection over certain countries. I can't say i'm opposed to this thinking but he has to know there WILL be consequences for that. Hence his love for Putin and strengthening the relations with the UK.

Anonymous said...


US has been allies with Russia briefly but never worked as allies with Russia and UK at the same time. And never, EVER have the three been allies outside of the UN or EU as we soon will be. As for Israel; yes. This is all prophecy and while many are not opposed to this thinking; you are correct when you say there WILL be consequences.

Anonymous said...


Thanks! The next four years will be interesting smh

JDENT said...

Russia,UK, U.S. were allied in WWII. Stalin was their president. The U.S. and U.K.,E.U. are gunning for a war with Russia. Russia is Allied with Syria.

Syrian President Assad does NOT want a pipeline in his country. But the Saudis do. IF the U.S. is stupid enough to start a war with Russia, even American generals are reluctant to fight Russia.

Putin don't play. Russia is not Iraq or Libya. Future of mankind would be bleak against this formidable opponent.

Strategic Culture is a great site to get real international news.

Anonymous said...

America don't want NO PROBLEMS with Russia and their Allies.

Not on site!

Anonymous said...

Thank U All so much for ALL being awake!!!!!!!!!
Yes this union is very symbolic for something to come and so many are asleep that they wont get it until the concentration camps are flowing, their weapons are taken away
or a n uclear attack
This upcoming union is not for recreation or play
It is most likely has an agenda with it

JDENT said...


America has been the world's bully for ages. The lie Clinton keep telling about Russia hacking emails. This bitch ain't told that SHE okayed sale of 20% ownership in U.S. plutonium mines. Why would Russia dislike her? Hear me again. OWNERSHIP. PLUTONIUM MAKES NUCLEAR BOMBS.

Both she and Obama are saber rattling. BOTH OBAMA AND CLINTON love the Saudis (money). Had it not been for Russia Syria would've fallen long ago. The Saudis give Clinton about 25 million for her campaign. They also gave Obama millions for his Library.

People don't give that kinda cash cause they like your smile. Had Clinton won she would've been able to call out the dogs. But as it is Trump seems to want to ratchet down the war noise with Putin.

America wants to create a no fly zone. RUSSIA IS AGAINST IT. IF THEY DO. IT WILL BE WAR LIKE WE'VE NEVER SEEN.
Somebody better. Cause not only is Putin the former KGB LT. He is no joke.

Anonymous said...

@9:02... it might make sense if she was a U.S. citizen. She's not. She's Canadian. O_o

Anonymous said...

@ 12:58 you're wrong..born & raised in LA...

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