Monday, December 05, 2016

The REAL Reason J. Anthony Brown Left The Tom Joyner Morning Show

Last year comedian J. Anthony Brown temporarily left the Tom Joyner Morning Show over a rumored pay dispute [click here if you missed that].

After announcing his formal resignation last week [click here if you missed that], J explains its not about the money...

J. Anthony Brown tells The AJC,
“It was not a salary dispute. It was based on me wanting to venture out and have my own weekend show. That’s it. We couldn’t come to terms. It was just time for me to leave… Sometimes people just disagree and part ways. That’s just what happened.”
“It was absolutely the best job I’ve ever had. The most fun I ever had.”


Anonymous said...

Well tjms is supposed to being going off air anyway i thought bc of the bad deal tj took?! Love tjms way better than steve harveys self absorbed a**

chyna3032 said...

@9:46 I'm sure it will be going off the air at some point, but not when the rumors are stating it will.

Anonymous said...

ok. i kept hearing the show would sunset when the obamas leave from the white house

Anonymous said...

Dang who will murder the hits? I hope J knows what he's doing.

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