Friday, December 30, 2016

T.I. Convinced Tiny Is Bluffing?

Earlier this week news leaked that a finally fed up Tiny pulled the plug on her marriage to rap star T.I. [click here if you missed that].

Now insiders claim T.I. is convinced he can win her back...

Sources close to T.I. tell TMZ the rapper is convinced he can 'talk some sense' into Tiny while a separate source tells Page Six Tiny only filed the divorce as a 'warning shot' and confirm the couple spent Christmas together.


Anonymous said...

Eh...whatever. Its looking more and more like publicity stunt with each passing day

chelle chelle said...

why wouldnt they spend christmas together, they have 7 kids between the 2..its called co-parenting..she didnt say she hated the man..just she is over the cheating. Of course T.I. wants to win her back his ego couldnt stand for another man to have her. I bet she dont move out HER house though..she loves having her own.

Anonymous said...

lol everybody knows she's not going anywhere. even her and him.

Anonymous said...

I think TI got serious with 1 of those side chicks and once Tiny saw it was deeper than just sex with them THAT'S why she filed for Divorce.

It wasn't the cheating because she is use to that.
Tiny felt like she was losing him to another female so she pulled her Trump card to get hom back in line but i don't see this working to her advantage in the long run
UNLESS she is cool with a Loveless marriage with unlimited access to his money.
Which is ok if all she wanted was money.

But it seems to me that she had all those surgeries because she wants his devotion.

She has a good heart but TI does not deserve it.

Anonymous said...

This shit is a joke! Those two fools are meant for each other

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