Thursday, January 12, 2017

Chris Brown and Rihanna Spotted at the Club

Ex-lovers Chris Brown and Rihanna spotted partying at the same club...

...but not together.

Spywitnesses tell Page Six Chris and his posse, including a girl who was clearly his date, were partying at Up & Down in New York when Rihanna and her crew rolled in about an hour later.

The source claims there was no interaction between the two groups but noticed not a single Drake song was played while Chris and RiRi were in the club.

Fun Fact: Back in 2012 Chris Brown and Drake famously came to blows over Rihanna inside a New York night club [click here if you missed that].


Anonymous said...

Hey family,
I see that Youtube as suspended the videos of Rashon Delay for 2 weeks because the elder is speaking truth to our community. Wake up family.

Smithy Love said...

^^^ What did Rashon Delay say?

Anonymous said...

Who's Rashon Delay? I can't even find anything on Google.

Anonymous said...

Rashon Delay is an elder spokesmen for our community family. He has over 500 videos on YouTube about "our community" and his last video regarding integration made the white folks mad so they suspended his channel. He speaks wisdom family, i guess freedom of speech is only for the white folks.

prissa o said...

Oh my gosh. Chris looks terrible in that pic. Like a 40yr old crackhead. He really needs to get his life.

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