Monday, January 02, 2017

Mariah Carey Blames Saboteurs for NYE Disaster

Over the weekend Mariah Carey delivered THE worst performance of her career for Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve in Times Square [click here if you missed that]. 

Now Mariah is blaming sabotage...! 

Sources close to Mariah Carey tell TMZ that Mariah believes Dick Clark producers purposely gave her malfunctioning equipment to cause drama and drive up ratings at Mariah's expense. 

The pop star claims production staff new full well her inner ear buds weren't working and that the teleprompter suddenly went out. 

Meanwhile producers are calling MiMi's comments defamatory and blame her for skipping sound check and being unprofessional during the tech glitch. 


Anonymous said...

Mariah, you need more people. You allegedly didn't show up for the soundcheck after you had them rent you a whole apartment near 42nd street because your other apartment was allegedly too far away due to time concerns. Our family friend in the Union (carpenter) who passed the background check to work the event said they rescheduled the soundcheck 3 times and even reconfigured the stage the 2nd time because your people didn't think you'd have enough room to dance only to have you not show up the third time, be rude to your own staff and tto Dick Clark Productions security (many of whom are ex-secret service.)

You were allegedly slurring and as we all saw, your dress during the interview looked like apopped can of Grands biscuits. I use to defend her, but to make people work overtime to make you happy then to mess up and have the nerve to blame them? You're wrong for this.

Anonymous said...

Why do you need a teleprompter to sing a song you've been singing for 20 years? Mariah been mixing Benos and champagne again? #elvisbehavior

Anonymous said...

Mariah is just going through the motions. She was even wasted for James Corden karaoke show. They had to wait for her to get her shit together. Fire your team and get much need rest and a makeover.

Anonymous said...

They set this drunk bitch up and she fell hook, line and sinker. Like Leah said on the other post the industry doesn't care about Mariah and Mariah doesn't care about her fans. Bitch should've sang the song that played even if it was the wrong one. She just doesn't have it anymore and needs to exit stage left.

Anonymous said...

Desperate need for rehab ... em babies need her.

Anonymous said...

the saboteurs are champagne and food.

Mystery solved

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