Friday, January 27, 2017

Robin Thicke Loses Custody of His Son After Shocking Allegations of Physical Abuse

The bitter child custody battle between actress Paula Patton and R&B singer Robin Thicke takes a nasty turn as Robin is ordered to stay away from Paula and their six-year-old son Julian...

A temporary restraining order against Robin Thicke has been granted after his ex-wife Paula Patton accused him of coming to her house and banging on the door incessantly and then exposed previously hidden issues of physical abuse.

From People Magazine
In Patton’s 52-page request for a domestic violence restraining order, Patton alleged, “Robin had a temper and could be volatile at times,” detailing a number of apparent abusive episodes.
One such episode was around their son’s third birthday in April of 2013, when Patton, according to documents, said she “observed him to have inappropriate contact with the masseuse … Robin became so enraged that I had interrupted his ‘massage’ that he broke down the locked door.” Shortly after, the declaration reads, “Robin became physically violent with me. He pushed me down and kicked me.” Following the incident, the restraining order request asserts they went to one marriage counseling session, and “Robin again admitted to me that he had a drug and alcohol problem and that it was affecting his behavior.”
Patton alleged in the documents that Thicke became violent while they were at the Cannes Film Festival that same year, saying, “we began fighting. Robin hit me with a closed fist to my upper body and then pushed me onto the ground.”
Patton said that Thicke’s behavior; cheating (after returning from his tour in 2013, “he came home and told me that he had unprotected sex with seven other women,” Patton’s declaration reads); and drug use led to their 2014 separation and the end of their marriage.
The actress said a breaking point came around the MTV VMAs in 2013, after which she alleges in the declaration that she found Thicke in bed with two naked women.
“I wanted to leave Robin but at the same time, I was incredibly fearful of angering him, and I did not want our son to grow up in a broken home. I was afraid of Robin’s volatility, his retribution,” her declaration reads. “He would often threaten that he would leave both of us penniless given IRS tax liens incurred by him during the course of the marriage.”
Robin has been ordered to stay at least 100 yards away and have no contact Paula or their son.


Anonymous said...

Now comes the comments about Paula making this up and why didn't she leave or report it before now. And let me just say that I'm not a fan of either of these mediocre talented people. I just hate abusers of any kind. Ignorant comments begin:

Anonymous said...


Not from me. Paula don't have any power so why would the courts side with her against Robin unless they had proof? We ALL know Robin had drug issues. We ALL know Robin was a philanderer. He acted a fool that entire "Blurred Lines" era. Paula must've provided courts with photos and/or video.

Anonymous said...

Drugs are bad mmmmmkay!

Anonymous said...

They're both on coke so I take this entire thing with a grain of salt.

Anonymous said...


Apparently the courts disagree with you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We support you sister. Good for you for fighting for your son.

-The Virgin

Anonymous said...

I believe this. That being said I also believe she is no innocent victim. I've heard from many sources that she herself would would be in clubs looking for girls for the two of them to hook up with. I thought she was public about how they were swinger. Yeah, you get a bunch of problems in the long run when you play with a life style of drugs and promiscuous sex. I believe this man is a mess. I believe this woman is one too. They both want THAT life style and it don't mix in marriage and parenthood.

Tippie Toes said...

They both are on drugs only Paula functions better than Robin does. I believe her stories of his abuse.

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