Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Katherine Jackson Unaware of Protection Order?

Last week news leaked that Jackson family matriarch Katherine Jackson had been granted a retraining order against her nephew Trent Jackson after accusing him of elder abuse [click here if you missed that].

Trent insists he hasn't been served and believes Katherine has no idea whats going on...

Trent, the son of Joe Jackson's brother, tells ET,
"That TRO that they claim I've been served with, I've never been served with anything."
"I'm still at the house right now, and we're all puzzled at why we can't contact her and talk to her -- that's the problem."
"All I do is pay Mrs. Jackson's bills. I've been paying her bills for 15 years now, and that was my job -- to be her driver, her provider, far as taking care of her, making sure she's taking her medicine, making sure she's going to the doctor. These are the things Michael told me to do for her, and I've been doing these things for her -- very well, by the way -- and people who know me, know that this is the second time this has happened. They did this to me before."
"They are keeping her totally in the dark .... She can’t defend herself when she's around them. She didn't want to go [to London]."


ebonyhud said...

So this guy is on Joe's side of the family... Personally if I was catherine it would have to be someone from my side or desendants, just out of association. Also he may pay but Im is he sure of "providing".I bet it was already provided by michael. I cant for sure say....but Im not buying it

Anonymous said...

What's he gonna be "retrained" to do?

Anonymous said...

this bitch too old to be going through all these problems with money....if the greedy bastards want the money, JUST GIVE IT TO EM AND WALK AWAY!!!.....nobody cares about them useless white kids getting the money.
I rather see Jermaine Jackson waste the entire wealth, than to see one penny of that money in the hands of them white cave demon children!!

For Real.

Anonymous said...

No Jermaine you can't have Michael's money.

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