Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Kim Concerned About Kanye's Return to Fashion Week?

Last month it was announced that Kanye West would be returning to work for the first time since his nervous breakdown with a showing of Yeezy Season 5 during New York Fashion Week [click here if you missed that].

Now insiders claim his wife, Kim Kardashian, is worried Ye may be doing too much, too soon...

From People Magazine
A source confirms to PEOPLE that Kim will be attending Kanye’s show this year, along with some of her family members. But as Kanye prepped in NYC over the weekend, Kim remained in L.A.
“They spent the weekend apart so Kanye could focus on the show,” the insider says. “There is definitely some concern that the show will be too much stress for him. He gets so involved and it’s hard for him to not get obsessed.”
The source adds that while this type of stress “has been very bad for him in the past,” Kim has been making sure to support him. “Kim keeps checking in to make sure he gets enough sleep,” the source says.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait for Kanye's next fashion show!

The last one had me in tears, I was sitting in front of my computer weeping, literally weeping, at the foolery that went down.

Here's to Yeezy Season 5!

Anonymous said...

This nigga cutting, pasting and coloring in between the lines!?! Let me invest in a sewing machine!

Goliano said...

Is this really post-worthy? It's basically telling us a wife is checking in with her husband intermittently to see how work is going.

prissa o said...

Gosh, they are SO LAME!!! Why does she (Kris) make such a huge production of the things she does like it's some big sacrifice. Looking out for your husband & having his best interest at heart is called being a WIFE dingdong! We don't need a press release for this - millions of women do this and more every day. Get over yourself!!!

Oh and if Kanye wasn't such a delusional egomaniac he wouldn't get so "obsessed" with stuff to the point of having a damn breakdown. More drama for a storyline. When will they go away????

Oh and that pic of Kanye drawing on the shoes reminds me of arts & crafts the assign to people locked up in the psych ward. Not a good look. :(

prissa o said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Kim you should've been concerned when Kanye said yeah I'm a fashion designer now.

Anonymous said...

What in the hell happened to dude ? He don't even look like himself anymore.

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