Saturday, February 04, 2017

Meek Mill Snaps Over Nicki Minaj Questions

Earlier this week the L.A. mansion rapper Nicki Minaj used to share with ex-boyfriend Meek Mill was burglarized and ransacked causing suspicion to fall on her spurned ex-lover [click here if you missed that].

Meek fails to help his own case after going berserk when he's questioned about the status of his relationship with Nicki...

After brushing off questions about the break-in, Meek snaps on paparazzi after they ask whether he still speaks to Nicki or not,
"You asking too many f***ing questions about my personal life!" 


Anonymous said...

He look like Tryone Biggums in that picture.

That's all I got!


Anonymous said...

The life of a f#ck boy must be a hard one

Promise said...

Sensitive ass, he lucky any one wants to ask him questions at all

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