Thursday, February 23, 2017

Pal Tells Darius McCrary's Side of the Story

Yesterday news leaked that Darius McCrary's estranged wife had been granted a restraining order against him after accusing him of holding their infant daughter over a pot of boiling water [click here if you missed that].

Darius' bff tells his side of the story...

This is footage of me and a few other close people of @dariusmccrary waiting in the lobby to serve his crazy SOON TO BE EX-wife . With a restraining order ! Yes I said lobby . Because this lady is so un-stable and blows through all her money she has no place to stay. So since D is the good man he his . He allowed her to have a key, and Enter the home whenever she had the baby and couldn't get it together . This broad went and got an emergency restraining order on him ! & then went back to his house which she doesn't even live in. Now y'all if y'all was scared for y'all life ! You guys would be no where in site ! She's bitter because he just wants to move on and take care of his daughter . Now his 60+ mother is in the home as well. Now all y'all know damn well that baby is in no harm. Cause if so the bitch wouldn't be filing a restraining order and just sitting there . She would have tried to kill this man for messing with his daughter . This women is a con -artist with no job and I life . So she has his mother removed by the police at 4:3@ AM. Then she goes and packs her bags and wakes up the baby girl. Then tj follow his mom as she leaves and tries to run her off the road . It's just sad and I will be releasing all the footage . I have had enough! This is footage of us waiting to serve her because she saw us then ran so she is sitting the garage and decides to hide . Mind you the baby is inside by her self . Darius can't come anywhere near his property because of this Hoe . This is how you ridicule your babies father ? Bitch how you think you drive the Benz you drive ? Cause you don't have a job. These females are stupid these days to come for the man who pays all your bills. Just because he doesn't want you! @theshaderoom I'm clapping back! How bout dat!
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Anonymous said...

That doesnt look like Waldo Geraldo Faldo to me so that aint his best friend lol... Get it together Eddie!

Anonymous said...

All i c is a living room and a womans foot
Please some1 break this video down for me

Anonymous said...

For a man with means there is no benefit to marriage. None.

Anonymous said...

what type of man has a bff? ewww.

prissa o said...

Is he talking about Supahead?!??

When did they have a daughter?? I remember she kept posting baby bump pics but when did she (allegedly) give birth???


Anonymous said...

2:57 - Uh besides those "Family Matters" residuals what means are you talking about? That aside, he's seemed unstable since before he "married" Supahead. As someone else said his energy seems dark and angry.

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