Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Trinidad James Cast in Pitch Perfect 3

Atlanta rapper Trinidad James cast in Pitch Perfect 3 opposite Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson...

According to reports Trinidad James has been cast as the leader of a singing group who competes against the Barden Bellas in the next Pitch Perfect sequel.

Trinidad was most recently seen in Love by the Tenth Date starring Meagan Good.


Anonymous said...

Here it is this crusty, rusty, dusty, ashy, illiterate, nappy head, red crayon eating coon black nigga keeps getting gigs and I, an artist that was a child prodigy, is still struggling to break into the creative field after a 10 year break because now all people want to spend their money on is TRASH! This nigga must have a cousin, uncle or step daddy that got the hook up because how he is still a thing is beyond me.


Anonymous said...

@3:50pm, if its true what they say about the industry, he is doing a whole lot behind the scenes to keep getting gigs
Just keep your integrity and keep grinding
At least u got real talent, something that is lacking in the industry these days

Anonymous said...

@9:55 PM, I thought the sane exact thing then I saw your post and you articulated it so well. Lol. I wonder all the time how the same annoying people keep getting work in the entertainment industry, especially when they are not entertaining. There has to be some back door situations happening. Literally. Lol

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