Monday, March 27, 2017

Arrests Made After Fetty Wap Robbery Video Surfaces

Last night Muscle Music CEO Raheem 'Fuzz' Thomas posted pictures of himself wearing arch rival Fetty Wap's signature 1738 chain just hours after Fetty was involved in an armed robbery at a Patterson, NJ Deli [click here if you missed that].

Video of robbery has surfaced online and Fuzz has been taken into custody...

From TMZ
One of Fetty Wap's longtime rivals was arrested in connection with the robbery and shooting that broke out Sunday morning -- and the suspect was flashing Fetty's stolen chain on Instagram.
Cops in Paterson booked Raheem Thomas for the shootout. Thomas is the same guy who posted an IG pic wearing Fetty's signature "1738" chain. He claimed he didn't personally jack the chain, but bragged about taking a pic with it.
Thomas has not been booked for burglary ... only gun charges for the shootout.

Fuzz also took more pictures with the chain


D L said...

Niggs gonna nigg.

Anonymous said...

...said 2015

Anonymous said...

Look at that mugshot. Imma call that nicca, Jackass..cause his jawbone is as big as one.

The King Of The Real said...

this is beyond dumb and corny

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