Friday, March 31, 2017

Baby Mama Wants Jamal Bryant Jailed on Contempt Charges

Last year DNA tests proved Baltimore mega-church pastor Jamal Bryant had secretly fathered an out-of-wedlock child [click here if you missed that].

Now his baby mama is accusing the pastor of refusing to abide by his court orders...

According to The Jasmine Brand LaToya Odom has filed a motion asking that Jamal Bryant be jailed on contempt of court charges because he refuses to hand over his home address for their son's medical card and is routinely late paying his child support.

LaToya wants Pastor Bryant jailed until he complies and also wants her support order amended to stipulate that he must pay on time.


Sunni Daze said...

My cousin goes to his church. I know he's only man and made of flesh, but he couldn't lead me out a burning building. Pastor's are suppose to set some sort of example in the community they serve and get rich off of.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but it takes two. She knew, but she went for it anyway! It's just bad all around and each of them are equally accountable. She knew he wasn't hers when she decided to sleep with no birth control and keep the child. He knows he's a pastor and should not be out there creeping. They are both functioning adults and neither one gets a pass.

Mama's baby, papa's maybe! Women need to wise up because no matter what happens, YOU will be the one raising that child, while that same dog you were dirty with goes on and dirty dogs somebody else.

Women get some esteem and know that you and your potential children deserve better. Unless women stop becoming receptacles for these sperm deposits, the behaviour will continue.

If he comes at you and he ain't correct, send him back to where he came from. Either he will come correct, or you will dodge a bullet. But women, you keep creating these men, I'm sorry.

When you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas. PERIOD. Neither are victims. Both are to be held responsible. If he did not rape you, then you are just as to blame for the situation even more so. You took a chance when you didn't use birth control.


Anonymous said...

This is why I don't need to get up out of bed to hear heathens speak. If you need religion or a pastor in order to withhold from sin or to be an overall good person you lack morals.

Anonymous said...

He likes the "Drawls"...

Anonymous said...

What a pisser.
I have ZERO respect for this man. I dunno how Tweet could date him.
What can he tell anybody?
I question the walk of his church members.

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