Saturday, March 18, 2017

Baller Alert Shuts Down Meek Mill Claims

Yesterday rapper Meek Mill accused Baller Alert of accepting money from Nicki Minaj to ignore her brother's child rape case [click here if you missed that].

Baller Alert sets the record straight... a response posted on Instagram.

Incidentally, Baller Alert has covered Nicki Minaj's brother's rape case extensively on their site.


Anonymous said...

Why can't dude move on? They broke up and so he's butt hurt and now trying to not only kiss and tell but destroy a woman who stuck with him while the WORLD clowned him. Why bring up her brother? Whatever her relatives do is not her fault, he's a grown man! You can't use that against her. I see why he stays getting clowned...Instead of going after WOMEN try manning up and stepping to a MALE rapper?

Anonymous said...

Baller Alert served Meeka yet another L

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