Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Mathew Knowles Sued Over Secret Destiny's Child Auction

Former music mogul Mathew Knowles sued for refusing to pay his attorneys after secretly auctioning off Destiny's Child memorabilia...

From The Daily Mail
Beyonce's father has been accused of defrauding his former lawyers to the tune of $50,000 for refusing to pay a legal bill. Mathew Knowles allegedly hired Lang Ferrer Law in November last year, but then refused to pay them over the course of the following months, the firm alleges in a new suit.
The filing claims Knowles hired the firm to represent him and his company, Music World Properties, for an unstated legal matter.
Knowles is then accused of holding a secret auction over Super Bowl weekend in Houston this year, where he sold off memorabilia and other items from his time managing Beyonce and the group, Destiny's Child and then refusing to use the proceeds of sales to pay off his legal debts.


Anonymous said...

Wack sauce. I can't fucking stand people who retain services they don't intend on paying for. Nigga pay your bills or live a smaller life within the means you have left. End of story.

Anonymous said...

This man is a demon, with demon daughters and a witch ex-wife. The karma of the Knowles Koven will be epic.

Anonymous said...

He refused to Keep it Simple & do things Right.
Wisdom doe NOT always come with age.
Some will go to their grave, old and grey & still playing games.

Anonymous said...


Get your dad out of debt, buy him a place, and provide him with some hoes. He can take it from there.

Anonymous said...

And how can beyonce do that when she is in debt?

yall really drank the kooldai and believed the DELUSIONS of the knowles, stop participating

She is an industry employee with an underperforming catalogue, massive investment and her brand is not bringing the returns prjected.

Her lifestyle has been cut down, Tina had to be offloaded and basically help, Solange is helping, matty is going for what he know

But the billions belong to Sony, the crumbs belong to beyonce and no, she can't help her dad with her crumbs

Anonymous said...

Beyonce is a caged bird, pun not intended but will take it.

Yall bought into the PR, can someone tell me when Beyonce and Jay amassed a billion, when?

You must not know how royalties work, they got cents off those album sales, okay endorsements, but lifestyle.

Beyonce is BROKE she is not wealhty or rich, she has no choice but to perfrom, record or whatever else her bosses tell her, and TOUR

Where is her house? Right now she is sleeping in someone elses house, I am sleeping in my own. Get yours too and stop fawning over these FAKES

Anonymous said...

Bey come get yo daddy.

prissa o said...

LOL @3:26 "provide him with some hoes"

The King Of The Real said...

@3:26... damn, no lie there

Anonymous said...

What. A. Pisser.

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