Friday, March 03, 2017

Oprah Ready to Leave Greenleaf?

Bad news Greenleaf fans. Mavis may soon be leaving the show...

In an interview with TV Line Oprah Winfrey admits,
"I wanted to act in Greenleaf to make sure I was doing everything possible on my end to make it fly. And now it’s flying beautifully. The show carries itself. So, yeah, I think Mavis may have to go off and take care of her addiction very soon.”
The mega church drama returns on OWN March 15.


Anonymous said...

The show will become unrecognizable w/o Mavis. [sarcasm off]

Anonymous said...

Her character on the show was okay but she didn't add much to it. The show will be fine without the Mavis character. The other actors carry the show well.

She said it said...


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