Thursday, March 16, 2017

Rick Ross Comes for Birdman


Rick Ross fires shots directly at Birdman on his new single Idols Become Rivals from the album Rather You Than Me...

On the leaked track Ross spits,
“I grew up on that Cash Money/”Bling Bling” was well-known to flash money / I used to see you n—– on my TV screen / and wonder what was life like, was it all a dream / And then I met you out on Live Nation dates / Came to the realization that your watch was fake / Damn, you nearly broke my heart / I thought you n—– really owned them cars...”
“You would give us self-esteem and motivate our drive/ But was in our pocket by the time we count to five/ I pray you find the kindness in your heart for Wayne/ His entire life he gave you what there was to gain/ I watched that whole debacle so I’m part to blame/ Last request: can all producers please get paid...”
And he posted this on Instagram.


Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight. Wayne has been claiming BLOOD for almost a decade now and got raped out of 51 Million? Can't apply any of this so called "gangsta" stuff he raps and portrayed himself to be in regards to acquiring his FUNDS LMAO. And the former Correctional Officer turned "Delusional FAKE drug Kingpin" is copping pleas on wax for the BLOOD gang member to be paid?

All these rap niggas some fucking BOZO's for real!

Anonymous said...

They must keep the masses entertained and distracted
I will never 4get what Lamar Odom said in that tmz interview b4 that brothel incident
How they never have Leo and Brad Pitt beefing or feuding but the love to keep staging the blacks in the entertainment fake beefing
After Lamar said that, well yall know the story

Anonymous said...

*they love to* ^^^^^

Anonymous said...

Lamar's point wass moot, this is not a race thing. Plenty of White celebrities have fought publicly. He was just too cracked out to remember the drama. There is even a television series out now dedicated to Bette Davis and Joan Crawfords feud back in the day. There was Jen vs. Angelina, Britney vs Christina, Madonna vs multiples and Eminem vs everyone.
This is a rap song and Rick Ross is just trying to get some attention by dropping names. I wouldn't even call this beef. Rappers in this era with the exception of Remy are too soft to actually "beef".

Anonymous said...

Posers...I can't tell whose who anymore.

Anonymous said...

That betty and joan show is the shiznit though

Sunni Daze said...

Hip Hop is so fucked up and wack. They gave all this soy milk drinking niggas record deal so they can cry like women to a hot beat.

Anonymous said...

^^^and good morning to you too^^^


The King Of The Real said...


Anonymous said...

Ross need to stay in his lane, and leave Birdman along.

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