Thursday, March 02, 2017

Tatyana Ali Loses Lawsuit Against The Real

Last year actress Tatiyana Ali sued Telepictures and Warner Bros. over daytime talk show The Real claiming they stole her idea for a talk show focusing on young women  [click here if you missed that].


According to reports Tatyana's case has been dismissed because the trade secret laws she used to make her case does not protect ideas.

So its back to the drawing board.


Anonymous said...

Buh Bye, Flat face Bit_H


PS. We all hate the real too!!

Anonymous said...

Damn ... too bad Uncle Phil wasn't the judge on this case... RIP Uncle Phil.

Anonymous said...

It's messed up how they stole her idea.
Warner Bros is EVIL.

However i di not watch the Real because i don't care for those on the panel but the idea of a younger version of the View was good.

Be careful who you pitch your ideas to...

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for people who sit on their behinds all day watching talk shows and soap operas. Nothing about that is healthy. These shows poison the mind. Turn the tv off, get a job, go back to school or get a real hustle or something.

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