Friday, March 31, 2017

T.I. Justifies Cheating on Tiny

Last week married rapper T.I.'s secret side-chick Bernice Burgos accidentally confirmed their affair [click here if you missed that].

T.I. justifies stepping outside his marriage... 'liking' a shady comment bout his wife's recent dalliance with boxer Floyd Mayweather [click here if you missed that].


Anonymous said...

Regardless of the get down and who is gossiping about your marriage, you never sling dirt at your spouse. No one respects the constitution of marriage anymore.

Anonymous said...

This is so ridiculous. TI been steppin out on her. Remember when he was publically dating Hoops while he was publically with Tiny?

That's how their relationship works. She has low self esteem..and he knows it and benefits from it.

Anonymous said...

11:15 *institution of marriage

Anonymous said...

@11:15 & 11:49 LOL..caught your dumb ass slippin huh?

Anonymous said...

Women like this Bernice slut better enjoy her youth. My mom is a service coordinator at an independent senior living apartment complex in a major ghetto city. She tells me the stories of how the residents are dysfunctional, drug addicts, old hoes or just angry and bitter with terrible grandchildren. According to some of their stories, many of them used to be pimps, beautiful shots, popular hoes, gold-diggers or gigolos. They have become miserable, used up, deaf, sickly, angry and evil old people.

All of these Instagram thots and nasty rappers are gonna end up the same way.

Anonymous said...

beautiful sluts*



Anonymous said...

11:16 AM Truth, a lot of people forget they were dating loooong before they got married. And he was with other girls then but Tiny took pride after he bought her some make-up bags and took his ass back.

If memory serves me correclty he finally made Tiny an honest woman shortly after he got out the bing. In my opinion, the way Tiny and TI handled the marriage was not condusive to raising a daughter. She's not going to know what a healthy relationship is.

Anonymous said...

@ 11:16 EXACTLY

@ 12:24 Why the God Complex ???

YOU don't get to decide people's future.
Nor do you know anybody's future.

So Based on your Logic...

Shouldn't the cheating husband's end up there too ???

Since they led the same sinful lifestyle...

Oh, that's right only the women he CHOSE to have sex with repeatedly should pay.

Jilted wives, love trying to play God because they think that their pain trumps everybody else's.

And that God is overly concerned with them getting betrayed...inspite of all of the other injustices in the world.

Nope! It doesn't work like that.

I know of EX- prostitutes that went on to marry & stay married 25 years & currently live in paid for houses WITH Financial stability

My point is God decides and determines justice

NOT those who were wronged.

On Topic:

TI and Tiny need to talk to each other !!!

All thses social media subliminals...
For what ???

TI, Tiny and Bernice are immature.

Anonymous said...

^ These

TONI SAID IT... said...

Tiny has BEEN a home wrecking slit or decades.

Anonymous said...

@2:07!!! Wow! I wish I could repost your message on every blog site! You broke that ALL the way down! I cosign that 10000% Only thing I'd add is that some jilted wives also tell the story of their failed marriages with selective memory. They leave out that their husbands cheated rampantly while they dated or frequently during the marriage....yet they chose to ignore it and stay. They only seem to care when the husband leaves them for the side chick. I feel like of you're going to tell a story and trash your ex and the new woman...tell it all. Not just the parts that make you look like the victim!

g-vah styles said...
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Anonymous said...

Uggh this ugly nose having thot again? TI and Tiny have both stepped out of their marriage.

g-vah styles said...

....hit DOGS are always know whom the other women is because the pound gets rowled up.

Look here, Miss Thang, hate to salt your game
But you's a money-hungry woman and you need to change
In the locker room, all the homies do is laugh
High fives ‘cause another nigga played your ass
It was said you were sleezy, even easy
Sleepin' around for what you need, see
It's your thing, and you can shake it how you wanna
Give it up free or make your money on the corner
But don't be bad, play the game, get mad and change
Then you wonder why these motherfuckers call you names
Still lookin' for a way out, and that's okay
I can see you wanna stray, there's a way out
Keep your mind on your money, enroll in school
And as the years pass by, you can show them fools
But you ain't tryin' to hear me ‘cause you're stuck
You're headin' for the bathroom, 'bout to get tossed up
Still lookin' for a rich man, you dug a ditch
Got your legs up tryin' to get rich
I love you like a sister, but you need to switch
And that's why they called you bitch—I betcha!
You leave your kids with your mama
‘Cause your headin' for the club
In a skin-tight miniskirt, lookin' for some love
Got them legs wide open while you're sittin' at the bar
Talkin' to some nigga 'bout his car
I guess he said he had a Lexus, what's next?
You headin' to his car for some sex?
I pass by, can't hold back tears inside
‘Cause Lord knows, for years I tried
And all the other people on my block hate your guts
Then you wonder why they stare and call you slut
It's like your mind don't understand
You don't have to kill your dreams plottin' schemes on a man
Keep your head up, legs closed, eyes open
Either a nigga wear a rubber or he die smokin'
I'm hearin' rumors, so you need to switch
And niggas wouldn't call you bitch—I betcha!

TUPAC-Wonda Why

Anonymous said...

^ @ 7:06

Clearly you are a Jilted wife with WAY too much time on her hands.

I only read the first paragraph and the Last line mentioning Tupac's name/ song.

If you have time to type All of that...
Girl, your husband DEFINITELY has a girlfriend

I'm not repping side chicks either.
Just stating the Obvious.

For all those who scrolled past this mess
I'm sure your thumb got a good work out too

g-vah styles said...

.....@ 12:09 I wrote two (2) lines children kill me....that is a song by TUPAC called WONDA WHY.....Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.-Abraham Lincoln

Anonymous said...

@9:50 I CONCUR! stupid is as stupid does... that shit had meaning..everything is not 4 everybody clearly..

Anonymous said...

@ 9:50 and 2:38

NAH, 12:09 checked you, that's all.
Truth hurts don't it?
Got you on here co-signing yourself.
LoL, how does it feel sharing your man?
Don't blame the side chick

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