Friday, March 24, 2017

Tiny Taunts Bernice Burgos

Last night T.I.'s wife Tiny acknowledged hubby's side chick, Bernice Burgos, labeling the video vixen a pass around b**ch [click here if you missed that].

Tiny just sent Bernice a message.... posting Kash Doll's new wife vs side-chick anthem 'For Everybody' on Instagram.

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Anonymous said...

And who the phuck does Tiny think she is REALLY Aside from a piece of paper Tiny is Tips bottom bitch/side hoe. BIG DUMMY!!! Get mad at your man not the new bitch. All shes doing is getting dik, fame and cash. Tiny's the stupid one. She laid up with a cute ass ninja from Bankhead,GA, had 2-3 kids and she is still treated like the side hoe. So the new bitch aint losing shat. The new bitch does not have his kids, she can fuk suk spend his damn money and travel. If you ask me, the side chick is clearly WINNING. TINY-DO BETTA BOO! Go on with your life hon. TI is finally happy he can be seen in public with a BAD ASS BITCH instead of a dam farm pig with a lopsided ass...girlbye!

Anonymous said...

^ LMAO So true.

Anonymous said...

12:31 Not today!! You done call her a farm pig. STAAWP!!! Not today Hunnay!! Not today.

Anonymous said...

Tiny fell in Love and wanted to be TI's wife so bad even though she knew he was not husband material because he wasn't even a good boyfriend.

Granted as a wife she has immediate access to the money...BUT with some MAJOR strings attached.

TI has zero respect for their union.
The only reason why Tiny did not go through with that Divorce is because she doesn't want to lose the little TINY piece of him that shehas left ( aside from the kids)

So the relationship is pretty much over and she is just getting child support while "technically" still married.

These side chicks are using TI the same way TI is using them...
Its about Sex, Fun & Money
That's it & That's all

Anonymous said...

You are all correct. Tip was not husband material because he doesn't understand how to treat a wife BUT Tiny allows herself to be treated like a side-eye WITHIN her marriage (as 12:31 and 2:20 said.)

Tiny is making herself look dumber than Tip ever did.

Anonymous said...

^I meant "treated like a side-piece." And instead of coming for this Burgos broad, Tiny needs to get herself tested and perhaps think about the state of her finances now that she's not fronting Tip a bunch of money. We all know she allegedly supports him.

Deanna Blacburn said...

She is ugly ass hell I never did see what he saw lmao farm big yesss to ugly with blue eyes bye bitch!!!

Anonymous said...

Tiny come for
Some1 Like She
Cute ?!


Anonymous said...

So Tiny clearly still wants Tip huh.

Anonymous said...

All of you are right, esp 12:31. Being Tips wife keeps her on radar. Believe me, no one would be checking for Tiny without him. He keeps her relevant.

Anonymous said...

Tiny is so damn stupid, she needs to leave that pretty thot alone and divorce Tip's sorry ass! All pussy ain't marriage pussy and that thot will NEVER get wifed up by a celebrity!! #FACT

Anonymous said...

^^^ You don't know that.
Look @ Kim k
Amber Rose,
The Govan Sisters

Unfortunately celebs WILL marry thots

When it comes to "p*ssy" men don't discriminate...

Tiny is only coming for that girl because she wants attention.
How embarrassing for a "wife"

She needs to accept her position as a doormat or bounce.
Why waste your time & love on a man who doesn't appreciate it ?

She overplayed her hand with that Floyd M situation. She needs to get with somebody else for real. TI has...

Anonymous said...

That ho is in her 30's and hasn't been wifed up YET unlike Kim, Amber and those whores Laura and Gloria! Trust me nobody is going to wife that passed around thot! Fuck her? Yes..... Marry her? Please.... I do agree with you about Tiny though, then again maybe she really does have a balling side nigga like Sandra Rose said!!

Anonymous said...


Oneal Stevens said...

What does this have to do with the weather!?

Anonymous said...

@3:11 Getting "wifed up" as you put it doesn't mean anything. Look at Tiny, Mary J, Tammy Rivera etc, etc...

A ring doesn't equal commitment.
So the wives and side chicks are getting the same thing / same treatment.

All the wives that I know are getting cheated on blatantly. Wife is just a Title.
These men do who & what they want.

Steve Harvey's Ex and D Wade's Ex were "wifed up" too. BUT look at them now.


Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to tiny. After my ex- husband kept cheating on me i dropped his ass. I just got tired of hurting and getting disrespected over and over. Those hoes got bold enough to call my house then started coming to my door. Hell no! A man will only do what you allow. Love yourself ladies.

Anonymous said...

@7:23- But they walked away with millions, side pussy don't reap benefits once their used up pussy gets old and the man moves on to the next side pussy and/or wife!

I personally wouldn't be with a HUSBAND that cheats on me!! Trust me nobody is going to wife that tramp up!

Anonymous said...

Nobody wants to be alone. One day side piece is going to want to be in a real relationship. She is human and she will figure it out, being smashed with no real feeling but lust gets old. We all want to be wanted and loved. What the side piece does is fill up on lust and attention which is most likely just fleeting attention.

Anonymous said...

@8:49 and 9:01 Same person, I'll bet...

Actually Steve Harvey's Ex and D Wade's Ex walked away with way less money than expected and a broken heart...thats all.
Both break ups were bitter because they gave their all and got played. Money doesn't fix that hurt. The fact is their husbands were not invested in them like they were.

Side chicks get their money up front. They are not in these relationships for love.
Not condoning their action but that is reality

I DO NOT believe that you wouldn't stay with a cheater because it sounds like you are with one Right Now.
Good Luck with that...

BTW The fact is there are more single people than married period and ESPECIALLY in the Black Community.
So the reality is that many will be alone.

Whether a man loves you first or pretends to or lust for you only...once it's Over... Its over. The ex wives are usually the ones pissed off because they BELIEVED the Lies.

In perfect world it would be great for everybody to have their own soulmate.
But that is NOT reality.

So the options are to be:
Wife who accepts cheating
A mistress/ side chick
A member of a harem
Serial on- line dater
Or Abstinent.

For those who dont fall in that category
Consider yourself blessed and in the minority.

Most Men Cheat # Fact

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ I am laughing sooooo freaking hard!! I'm not 9:01 and Snitch has permission to tell you I have ONE IP! I couldn't be 9:01 because if a side bitch had came to my house then 911 would be called and TWO gurneys would be needed!! (Oan I'm glad she realized her self worth and moved the fuck on)!

I'm not worried about my husband cheating on me, I'm too pretty and do to much for him to seek from other bitches. I told my husband that if he can find a badder female that does as much as I do for our household than I'd gladly divorce his ass and marry that bitch!! #FACT

It sounds like you are in the EXACT same boat as Honice and Tiny; get your self esteem and self worth up slut, nobody is going to wife you up either!! If you're good with getting chump change compared to what the wife would get; good for you!! There's levels to this shit and side pussy is under the wife! #FACT

Anonymous said...

@11:42- This is 12:16; I don't live in a land of make believe and think that men don't cheat. I believe that 70% of them do!! I still say that women shouldn't stay with cheaters but side pussy is not LEGALLY (FINANCIALLY) even on the same level as the wife if they go their separate ways! Word of advice to you: As the side chick; until you know your self worth, just make sure you're stacking your coins from your married side dick!

Anonymous said...

Riddle me this; if Tiny's dumb ass and Tip's sorry ass went their separate ways tomorrow what would she get? All the money and gifts that he has given her along with child support, alimony and a LARGE portion of his income!! If he and Honice quit fucking tomorrow, what would she get? Her gifts and money!! Trust me the vows might not mean shit to a cheater and side chick but according to the law; it means a lot for the WIFE! #FACT

Anonymous said...

Wake up. The side chick and wifey are in the same damn boat in many situations. Yall act like the money is just flowing all the hide money from their wives too. AND spend it on the sides. No one is better off than the other. UNLESS the wifey has her OWN and in that case 9/10 times she wouldve been kicked the cheater to the curb way back.

Anonymous said...

LOL at the wife and sidechick going at it in the comment section. Both you hoes are pathetic. Yall claim that 70% of men cheat...ok who are they cheating with?! Dumb asses. And if that figure is right then wait for one of the 30%....jeez.

Anonymous said...

@7:43- You better believe seasoned side bitches like this ho, ain't sucking and fucking for free! There's levels to being a side chick too, the vets know to get cars, house(s) and money in their name!! Legal wise the wife will ALWAYS have leverage over the randoms; he can move on to new side pussy and the side chick has to be stuck with what he has invested in her and she saved vs the wife who gets what he's invested in her and saved and more (property/cars/cs/alimony) for being married to his sorry ass!!

In the case of Tiny's dumb ass she's good because she has invested and has her own shit seperate from him but she also has him by the balls. Three minor children, no prenup and proof that he has cheated (alimony out of the ass until she marries again)? Let's just say, "it's cheaper to keep her"!!

You're looking at it from a financially compensated pov and I'm looking at it from a legal financially abiding pov!

Anonymous said...

@8:54- Lol with you, my husband is in the 30% category!! Carry on!!

Anonymous said...

These comments are pathetic. A bunch of ghetto birds squawking.

Anonymous said...

^^says the captain of the cum squad?

Anonymous said...

@12:16 from 11:42

Girl bye, You were not Laughing.
You were ANXIOUSLY awaiting my response.


You were shocked and embarrassed because YOU celt exposed.

My insight usually irks people..

You completely identify with Tiny that is why you are so angry and offended.

You WISH that I was that chick but actually I am Abstinent by choice.

So I'm sorry to disappoint you...

Also pretty girls don't announce that they're pretty, so you exposed yourself on that one

I am a Realist who chooses to help people who are not in the know.

So Again, your options are to be:

A wife who accepts cheating
A mistress / side chick
A member of a Harem
A serial on-line dater
OR date outside your Race

(((IF))) your situation does NOT fall into these categories then consider yourself Blessed.

But IF you are offended...

Then I advise you to do some soul searching.

Again, in a perfect world it would be nice if EVERYBODY had a non- cheating soulmate.

But in this present REALITY I encourage black women to be wise and keep your eyes OPEN

Anonymous said...

Lol ummm pretty women can in fact acknowledge they're pretty confidence is sexy!! I'm not embarrassed I'm happily married to a man that is faithful. Stay abstinent boo, good luck too!

Anonymous said...

^^^Felt exposed

@12:43 ok...Financial Reward / Compensation is good but it is not a healing balm for a broken heart.

I get what you are saying...but ok

Also I AM IN NO WAY promoting adultery or "crowning" side chicks.

However I AM acknowledging the Reality of Life

Anonymous said...

4:16-I get you!

Anonymous said...

@3:54 Confidence is shown, not told.

"Happily" married women are not overly concerned about issues that don't apply to them...So stop fooling yourself

Yes, My Abstinence has been a blessing.

Too bad your husband's girlfried isn't...

But I'm sure that you are use to it JUST like Tiny.

Learn to Value yourself.

Anonymous said...

^^^Cthu! Okay you're right!!

Anonymous said...

So we're not going to discuss that this was a good rap song and very nice video!? I like the whole Belly concept. Gave us a nice visual.

But Kash Doll girl....get rid of the butt implants. It doesn't look good at all. That's that Detroit ish lol

Anonymous said...

@8:12 I Know I am

Truth Hurts, Don't it ;)

Anonymous said...

It is a very sad day when people praise the outside woman.

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