Friday, March 03, 2017

Too Short Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Rapper Too Short is under investigation after he's accused of rape by a former protégée...

According to reports Oakland OG rapper Too Short is under investigation after his former artist accused him of sexually attacking her at an L.A. residence.

The victim, who claims she is a virgin, asserted during her police report that sexualized videos she made with Too Short and posted online were in no way a form of consent.

Meanwhile sources close to the rapper claim the alleged victim did not make her claims until months after the incident and after she was dropped from the label.

She also allegedly asked to be resigned before going to cops.


The King Of The Real said...

Haaa Haaa HAAA When groupies get dropped. "I'm a virgin making too short videos" *throws chair* Is this a Becky? Cause I dont think a black person could feel this entitled and expect a win.

Anonymous said...

This seems more of his style, same guy that was finger fucking some hoe at concert...caught on tape. Not saying he raped her...i am sure his dick was out somewhere around her.LOL

Anonymous said...

Nothing surprises me where this lecherous wretch is concerned. After all he once so charmingly boasted of using a female's face to wipe his ass.

robert g said...

Nope he didn't do it!!!

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