Monday, April 03, 2017

Naya Rivera Downplays David Spade Rumors

Over the weekend actress Naya Rivera was spotted coupled up with comedian David Spade in Hawaii, sparking dating rumors [click here if you missed that].

Apparently it was just a hook-up...

Naya downplayed the dating rumors on Instagram Live sarcastically telling her followers,
"Holy sh*t guys. The Easter bunny and the f**king tooth fairy are for sure dating. I just saw them."
Meanwhile a source tells ET
"It's very casual and they had a fun time together."


Anonymous said...

You can see the crazy with this one.

Anonymous said...

^ Yep, look at the eyes.

Anonymous said...

That's not a hook up, that's a hooker and trick. No young actress is screwin david spade for free. She's trying to boost her career.

I actually felt sorry when Big Sean called her out, but the poor girl is a hoe.

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