Monday, May 01, 2017

Blac Chyna Confirms Kris Jenner Rumors?

Last week there were rumors Kris Jenner was purposely holding up production on the second season of Blac Chyna's reality show in a power play designed to slow up Blac Chyna's cash [click here if you missed that].

Did Chyna just confirm the rumors...?

Sure looks like it.

In a SnapChat story posted Saturday night Blac Chyna cryptically mentions haters and how she's been paying her own bills with no help for four years.


Anonymous said...

At work.
What did she say, please?

Kitty B. said...

I will NEVER understand how "men" could get with the likes of this bitch, NEVER!


Anonymous said...

Same way they got with Kim k and the rest of the entire k coven! At least she had a job before the fame, can't really say that about the gold digging k klan!!!

Anonymous said...

only for the last 4 yrs tho....bitch been paying her own way since I left my momma house at 20

Reds4real2006 said...

I swear i though that was Russell Westbrook at her pic
She is truly UGLY and MANLY looking
You have to be GAY to sleep with her

Anonymous said...

When hooking up with the broke brother in a rich family goes wrong. Maybe if you hurry you can hook up with Kendall gay ass.

Nobody cares about your stripper money China. You got with Rob thinking you were free from your hoe days not realizing his family was going to shut you down. You should have known they weren't going to pay you all that money. They'd rather watch Rob die a depressed whale.

Anonymous said...

She is truly UGLY and MANLY looking
You have to be GAY to sleep with her

Like Kylie and klhoe before the plastic surgery and her current face transitioning back to her original face

Tyga, anyone???!!

James Harden?

Sunni Daze said...

Chyna needs to chill on whatever she is doing to her face. She is starting to resemble Kim off the no bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Love me some Kris

Anonymous said...

Chyna don't let them stress you, take care of yourself!

Anonymous said...

She looks a million times better than khloebacca and pre-op ernest goes to camp, (naw what I mean)


Honey Bun said...

hate this ho

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