Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Xscape Upset About Unauthorized Documentary

Back in March news leaked that Atlanta music producer Jermaine Dupri had been secretly working on a documentary about his 90s girl group Xscape without any input from the girls [click here if you missed that].

Members of the group call Jermaine's project disrespectful...

Last week TV One confirmed the rumors after announcing 'Who Can I Run: The Xscape Story' as part of this years programming during the upfront presentations for 2017.

Meanwhile Xscape members Kandi Burruss, Tiny Harris, Tameka and LaTocha Scott have been working with Love and Hip Hop producer Mona Scott-Young on a biopic and accompanying docu-series about their reunion [click here if you missed that].

In a statment to the media Xscape distance themselves from TVOne and Jermaine Dupri's project stating,
"We are excited to join forces with Mona Scott-Young and Monami Entertainment to bring the real Xscape story to the world.” 
“This partnership will allow us to tell our story about our lives the way we lived it. It’s our truth about the rise, the fall, and the return of Xscape. We feel the recent announcement of an unauthorized biopic on our lives is disrespectful and disappointing. We are not, in any way, participating in that project and it will never ‘represent’ our true story.”


HoodRat said...

I FOund jayz lawsuit

Anonymous said...

Jermaine was probably coming from a place of truth, where Mona was trying to glamorize and embellish the story. We all know who these people are.

Anonymous said...

Girls, please. Be happy about the exposure cause lawd knows nobody had been thinkin bout your asses! All publicity is good publicity.

And everyone, including Jermaine, should be thanking thier lucky stars for Kandi and Tinys reality fame. BC without it, there would be no room for either of these projects to be successful.

Theyre just mad they cant get paid off his project.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:11 EXACTLY

Kandi doesn't want his whorish past exposed that's all.

Mona scott is probably going to try to make them look as attractive as Envogue and as popular as Destiny's Child.

Jermaine is going to take a more accurate approach plus he has inside Knowledge about them.

Anonymous said...

Unauthorized biopic about ME? Tuh!! I understand that Jermaine is broker than 7 of the 10 commandments but ummmmm no thanks!

Anonymous said...

Didn't one of them screw Jermaine and his father ?

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