Saturday, June 10, 2017

Destiney Bleu Shuts Down Khloe Kardashian

Last week Khloe Kardashian and her Good American clothing line went viral after she was caught stealing designs from DBleuDazzled designer Destiny Bleu [click here if you missed that].

After Khloe slapped Destiney with a cease and desist Destiney fired back with receipts...

Destiney explains what happened and you can see the actual receipts here.


Anonymous said...

Khloe said :"I am stealing from you and you better smile while I am doing it cause I Will send you a cease and desist"

Ron said...

These Kardashians are scum. Smh

Anonymous said...

Greedy Kardashians,

Anonymous said...

The Kardashians need to realize Black women aren't Black women. You can't flash tiddes, booty, coochie at us and we go all dumb. Black women always about their business. Which is why Black Chyna exacted revenage and squeezed a baby out of Rob. Now they are stuck with that Black woman and will have to pay her forever. Khole and em ain't ready for the wrath of black women. mainly because we tend to keep it real they don't know how to handle that. Their best bet is just pay these women for using their designs or collobrate them or the dragging will continue and the black women will win.

Anonymous said...

*aren't Black men

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

^^ Agreed!!! 1000x

Anonymous said...

Thank you 1:25 them are some thirsty untalented broads who copy and want to stay in the media just thirsty as hell u can't be what you aren't wanna be ass bitches

Anonymous said...

Wicked people always try to silence the truth.

That's why you have to shinee a huge light on them and EXPOSE the hell out of them.

That way they can't deflect or Lie their way out of it.

Anonymous said...

^ Shine^

Laa soul said...

I told y'all that girl was gonna come with receipts,lol.

Anonymous said...

Kudos!!!! Expose them and encourage the others to speak up and expose them too!!

I troll it like I see it. said...

I laughed when people said this ugly barren yeti, was the most likable of that succubus werewolf vampire clan. This hairy ass troll is a as fake as that bag of rocks she calls an ass. No talent, vapid useless whores. Let this be a lesson to you black folks on handing out black passes to these tragic cave bitches. You made these whores famous now you are seeing the real them, you are turned off. Stop supporting non black whores!!!!

Jason Santoro said...

@1:25 Girl in your dreams will they have to pay Black China. Rob has never had any money and never will. The sisters are the ones with money and they don't give any to Rob. They stopped her from trying to copyrighted a name that didn't belong to her. So again how is she gonna get paid??

Jason Santoro said...

I am neither for or against the Kardashians but they stay winning for a reason. Call them whatever you want but they know how to make money. While this hoe is bitching about somebody adding glitter to a fucking leotard. Something little girls have been doing for decades. So how did Khloe steal this bitches designers when there is nothing original about them.

D L said...

Jason you stay capping for klhoe on every post. Why is a man on here gossips or arguing with women over someone they don't know. And you passionate about it calling these women making these claims hoes and bitches. Or are you just trolling black sites?

D L said...

I meant to say queening not trolling.

Anonymous said...

She's going to get paid because she has a kardashian baby and if they want her to keep her mouth shut they are going to pay her. might not be huge bank but until that child is 18 they are going to have to always give that chld something. all black chyna has to do is go on a black talk show, podcast, hell twitter if it's still around and talk about how they mistreat her child. you know those dislike negative press. that's why khole sent that desist letter. they want people to think they are fly and original and not the culture vultures that they are. the black women designers aren't hoes and bitches. they are women who were trying to run a legit business. and it's just about gluing some glittery on clothes khole and the rest of their thirsty asses wouldn't be reaching out to these women under the guise they want to support their clothes, when really they just want to rip them off. Those basic broads may be winning with dumb ass black men, but not black women and black women are the foundation of the black community. they need black women as allies keep this sh*t up and they will continue to be drag and yes they will lose in the end.

prissa o said...

I just don't understand how she thought she would get away with this. Either she is stupid beyond words, or too arrogant to think this woman was business savvy enough to keep her receipts and actually have the balls to call her out. I mean, Khole gets caught lying all the time (remember those "homemade" thanksgiving pies?🙄).

Khloe = stupid ho

Anonymous said...

Damn lo. You took several l' s this week. This woman aired you out like those fake Stanksgiving pies you didn't make. Laura's daughter exposed you as toxic. The NBA called you a curse in front of billions in all three games and the brand is vanishing before our very eyes while Kanye remains unseen and im here for all of it. Proud asf of this chick

Anonymous said...

Lamars's daughter

Advise from auntie said...

The Kardashians fueled the fight with Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry. Yeah, y'all forgot Kim was dating him before she met and married Kris Humphries. Kim wanted to have him and his daughter on the show Halle was like HELL NO! Kim was angry so her mom got him the powerful lawyer the got him monthly support and all that Halle's crazy was leaked to the tabloids during the court case was all Momma Kris. Yet black women ride or die for these sluts with money.

Anonymous said...

Think this has been going on for generations to generations for not only blacks in general who have go through this kind bs and its like school grades to me....Yet, if i was a teacher i would give Ms.Bleu a "A" and Khloe a big fat "F" because she is a copy cat or say cheated off somebody elses work in class.

Jason Santoro said...

@6:14 I'm not arguing with anyone. I am just giving my opinion on the topic. Second we have no idea if the people that post are women or men.

Jason Santoro said...

@6:45 saying bitch and ho is just my way of expressing some of these stunt queens out here. Again you keep thinking that Black is going to get paid. And I'll keep knowing that she never will. They will kick rob to the curb before they pay her anything. And as some of you say the Kardashians are on their way out. So again no need to pay black even if she goes around running her mouth.

Anonymous said...

^^^@ Jason,

Noooooo not at all.
You aren't fooling anyone except yourself.

Based on your comments 7 things are CLEAR

1. YOU are a Liar & a Troll

2. You KNOW that KK is Lying

3. You KNOW that KK is Busted

4. You KNOW that the K Klan are pissed at Chyna hence their need to take legal action against her to prevent the copyright

5. You KNOW that they copy Black women SPECIFICALLY including our Lips, Butt, Style and Designs

6. YOU are on their payroll to monitor & troll Black sites AND report your findings.

7. YOU are a sad sexually confused individual who shares the K Klan Envy of Black women because WE are the true Trendsetters & Style Blazers

#Truth Hurts

Jason Santoro said...

@11;32 Girl I am laughing my ass off. Really black woman are the trendsetters??? Really girls?? Since when have black women being the only ones with big lips, hips or thighs?? Last time I looked women have come in all different shapes and sizes since the begging of time. I am on no ones payroll. That is why we have an abundance of black designers right??? Last time I checked all fashion designers that were uber successful are all white men. The only Truth is you are mad cause I know that truth. Black aint never gonna get anything from those queens. EVER!!! Try again.

Anonymous said...

^ # 12:46

Boy stop Lying....

You did NOT Laugh at all.

I can see that you felt a range of emotions

HAPPY to get a response

EMBARRASSED for getting called out

CONFUSED about your transparency & motives that you "thought" were hidden.

And then ultimately....

STUPID for having to continue your Lies
even after I/ We Exposed the hell out of you

Then to top it off...your silly actions don't match your words.

Why would you be on and stay on KNOWN Black blig site UNLESS you have a Deep Concern about what WE think and OUR oppinions ???


YOU are checking for US
Just like the K Klan are checking for, desperately seeking and BUYING our designs
To C-O-P-Y

Then call themselves..."successful"

Yup ! That sums it all up

#Truth Hurts

Anonymous said...

^ Why would you be on and stay on a Known black blog site unless you have a Deep Concern about what we think and our opinions ???

((That is the MILLION Dollar question ))

You work for them...
And if you "claim" to be volunteering
Well that is truly pathetic

But I'm sure you are on their payroll.

Tell your "Boss" not to be DUMB enough to buy each of the designs with traceable emails
BEFORE copying yet another black designer.

#Originality can't be Bought

# Truth Hurts

Jason Santoro said...

@2:00 It's a gossip site not the college of being black. Second I clearly see you didn't bother to argue any of my valid points which you started with. Again it's a gossip site so me giving my option is a lie. Girl please I'm not the one hiding behind an anonymous name with no pic or description of myself. Again Try Again.. Incould do this all day!!!!

Anonymous said...

@2:00 Don't me mad cause he clowned your ass.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh...Here we go again with the topic of celebrities stealing. Khloe's not holding this bag alone. What I've noticed about these celebs that they'll do anything...ANYTHING and hurt anyone...ANYONE, just to stay rich and famous. I think it happens when that celeb lacks creativity or hasn't any creativity on their own to put out a hot product, so they steal to keep their name out there. Bottom line: Just desperate!

Anonymous said...

Bitches are a kurse. Kill yourself

Anonymous said...

@ Jason / 2:16

Please stop co-signing yourself

( We See YOU )

AGAIN, you are only fooling yourself

AND in your quest to "try" and come back at me you messed up on the Last part of BOTH of your comments.

YOU are a clown & that is why I crushed you and debunked ALL of your Lies.

Oops I meant points with PURE TRUTH.

And News Flash, this is a KNOWN Black Blog site where 99% of commentors comment ANONYMOUSLY ( get it ? )

YOU are the only Clown with your picture posted because that is your way of confirming that you have been putting in time to your Boss...the K Klan

So, of course you could do this all day.
YOU are at work/ on the clock
Trying to get all the overtime you can
( Get that Money Jason )

But unfortunately...nobody is buying your Paid PR.

Looks like you are going to have to put in a lot more W-O-R-K.

Also, I noticed that YOU failed to address my Detailed & Outlined Points about YOU
( Scroll Up, there are 7 of them )

Uh-huh, I see that you are just like your Boss KK.

She steals, Lies about it, Gets Busted and then...issues a cease and desist.

Then has her lawyers accuse the Black woman of what she is actually guilty of.

A Deceitful Hypocrite that was too STUPID to cover her tracks

Just Like YOU.

Since you are sexually confused, it is causing confusion in other areas of your life.

Here is a tip:

Go work for somebody else

You're Welcome :)

# Truth Hurts again and again

Jason Santoro said...

@12:01 Girl Bye. You are one stupid whatever you are. All you keep saying is I lie and that I work for the KK. Well where are your receipts?? And as far as your so call points of truth. You have no fucking idea who I am so you know nothing about me. So you can't tell me and won't tell me if I'm happy drunk or whatever. But of course you will say otherwise in your response. As my sexuality again you have no idea if I l ike pussy or dick or both. Sadly all you bitter black women go straight to that when it comes to a man. Their sexuality. That right there confirmed to me that you are indeed a woman and black. You are just like Nene leaks when they know they have been caught all they do is get really loud as to try to win when they have already lost.

Jason Santoro said...

@12:02 I for got to add bitter.

Mrz. Star B said...

Ugh I hate all them trashy BITCHEZ

Anonymous said...


Only BITER Liars are up at 3:23 AM babe.


Stupid just like your boss
Jealous of Black woman just like your Boss.

I noticed that this is the ONLY thread that YOU are commenting on. Uh- huh

Get that Money Jason...just like kk

Anonymous said...

Also by virtue of the fact that you keep responding & defending your Lie & your Boss

Only proves that I'm on point.

But I hope that you can get some sleep tonight UNLESS your Lies, Work and Bitterness for getting called out keeps you up again...

You're Welcome:)

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