Thursday, June 08, 2017

Meek Mill Flirts with Bernice Bergos

Messy Meek Mill shamelessly flirts with rapper T.I.'s side chick Bernice Bergos...

Last night Meek Mill re-posted a video of Bernice Burgos modeling a string bikini with the caption 'I wish I could send this to all my homies in the bing and the hashtag #whateveryouneed

Fun Fact: Whatever You Need is also the name of Meek's new single ft. Chris Brown and Ty Dolla Sign which is playing in the background of Bernice's video.

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Anonymous said...

Tony Toni Tony did it best

BlogBasic said...

Lmao this lady believe her own hype? This is going to get interesting.

Anonymous said...

Pretty girl BUT shameless whore

Anonymous said...

I told y'all the bish prolly look like a antelope or deer without all that makeup on. Scrub down Bernice so we could see the real you!

Ron said...

I'm sick of hearing about this chick.

Tippie Toes said...

Not all that maybe a bit fishy also.

Anonymous said...

2:48 why you gotta go there? Makeup is not making that girl pretty. Look at her skin! You're one of those people that hate to be reminded of how average you really are.

Terry of fakeababydotcom said...

Not surprising if he flirts with her.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that really surprises me is the fact that TI left Tiny for a dark butt.

TI and Chris Brown have always made it clear that they prefer fair skinned, light eyed, petite girls.

Before everyone gets up in arms about "dark butt" I'm just stating facts...and her butt is dark. But to each their own.

Anonymous said...

^ @6:37

To a lot of men her butt is dark & lovely
That's why she is getting so much attention.

I share the same beautiful brown glow but my ass is real.

@ 5:40 You hit the nail on the head.

TI has seen this chick nude and seen her bare faced YET is still shelling out his money on her and flying her out to be with him.
So clearly it's not all make up.

When you are cute naturally make up only enhances what is already there.

Comments like 2:48 are usually average to below average looking haters.

I only rock mascara, lip gloss & darken my brows a little But chicks act like my face is beat even though I don't use foundation or anything else. They are just jealous.

Anonymous said...

@5:40 you are sooooo projecting. Perhaps you're a plain Jane?
We have never seen this hoe without her face. I stand by my word...and who cares what TI thinks. He's just as useless and devoid of character as she is.

Anonymous said...

Makeup or no makeup
Bernie got millionaires chasing her who is ready spend g money to fulfill her
Thats if she decides she WANT to be boothered

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^^^ meant "bothered"


Anonymous said...

Cute ,but dusty... And a thirsty ass pass around. Shining because u scooped up somebodys sloppy seconds. Typical and basic

Anonymous said...

At most Bernice is average. Bernice has always had the same face. She knew she couldn't cut it that's why she had to go get the a$$ & t!ts. Now all you thirsty dudes saying she bad. Smh. Reality is Bernice is no standout, she 1 of a million chicks that filters to the gods and has self esteem issues. Hence the Dr carbal surgery. Please stop putting these build a thots on a pedestal.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^Sounds like some1 is extremely jealous and insecure of Bernie in the above last 3 comment


Anonymous said...

Bernice is getting wined and dined by millionaire ballers
I doubt she have time to respond to any haters on a message board

Anonymous said...

@ 5:52. Bernice please have a seat. When a person speaks their mind that does not make them "jealous" or a "hater". It's called an opinion. Sometimes it can even be called a fact. That's what's wrong with people like you. You don't think always quick to utter some jealous word shit!t. And, please stop throwing the she getting "wined and dined by millionaires" bs out there. At most, she's​ getting shoes, bags, all inclusive package priced flights, hard d!CK, and bumble gum. Real money don't chase hoes like her. Learn the difference.

Anonymous said...


So even though YOU are a jealous hater
You don't want us to point out the obvious

Got it !

Valerie Bester said...

She is a home wrecker that came between a husband and wife. She broke up that woman's family. She will pay for that. In the end TI will be back with Tiny after that fake ass get old to him.

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