Thursday, June 15, 2017

NeNe Leakes Turns Down Full Housewife Status

Yesterday NeNe Leakes announced she was returning to The Real Housewives of Atlanta for season 10 [click here if you missed that].

Turns out NeNe only has half a peach...

According to reports NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolicak both signed contracts for part-time housewife status on season ten.

The source claims NeNe refused full-time status because she has too much going on with her clothing line and boutique.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if she got that much going on or if she is just holding out for more money. I have seen some of her clothes in her clothing line and it seem that they lack STYLE. IJS

Anonymous said...

this ugly dude........ go away.

prissa o said...

This Euro-centric aesthetic she is projecting is so unattractive.
I wish she hadn't sacrificed her original face. ☹️

Anonymous said...

I can't be the only one that noticed the this bit#h looks like Pinocchio
Omg this is so

Anonymous said...

U can see that her nose has been broken in this image

Anonymous said...

Y'all are just MAD because y'all were thinking and hoping that she went back because she was desperate. Only to find out that she CHOSE to go back on a part- time basis only.

Desperate people don't do that.
So clearly her other business ventures are succeeding inspite of the Hate she gets.

MANY black celebs have gotten nose jobs including:

Alicia keys
Beyonce & All original Destiny Child girls
Laura Govan
Tiny Cottle
Rhi- Rhi
Gabby Union
La La Anthony

SOME of them chose to keep a more Afrocentric look and some didn't.

Not to mention
Kim Z and her daughter
All of the Jackson family
All of the Kardashian family
And plenty of other white celebs.

But my point is that They can do it
But Nene can't ???

Just pointing out the Hypocrisy...

Anonymous said...

Her and Tamar must go to the same plastic surgeon!

Anonymous said...

@2:27 What ever NeNe

Anonymous said...

"source claims NeNe refused full-time status because she has too much going on with her clothing line and boutique."

bwhahahahahaha FOH how many reality tv people work full time hell more than half of them own clothing stores including Kandi who has about 10 other jobs including a full time spot on RHOA and A show with Xscape. Face it @2.27 Bravo refused to pay her what she wasn't worth so you're taking what you can to keep the IRS off your back. BLOOP

ouzad said...

@3:04. Preach now that is the truth Ruth!!!

Anonymous said...

Keep the bleach out of reach! she really needs to take that shit out of her hair!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Folks

But BOTH Nene & Kim are on part-time status because that is what they Preferred.

RHOA needs Nene and the producers KNOW it.

But if you haters "need" to believe otherwise, so be it.

Ms. Leakes BRANGS the haters o-u-t.

That's right BRANGS

Why comment on someone who is "supposedly" irrelevant?


She got y'all jumping up and down and doing back flips out of excitement.

Get back to your keyboards Haters and do what you do best...

KNOWING y'all can't wait to Tune in !!!

# Team Nene

Anonymous said...

4.13 try again. Kim has her own show and a tribe of little people to raise. RHOA did just fine last season. Nobody has to hate when the TRUTH AND FACTS are on our side. Nene needs Bravo WAY more than Bravo needs NeNe. Loud black women are a dime a dozen. NeNe like Evelyn Lozada thought they were bigger than the show that made them and got a humbling surprise... now both are back.


Anonymous said...

^Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! And for the folks who say we'are hating...HA! Im confused bc if it were me, and I had it "going on" with my boutiques and clothing line...I damn sure wouldnt been going back on tv for some cash. FOH! She owed the IRS, thats the sign of a broke bitch to me. Enuff said!

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

I stopped watching this bullshit 3 years ago. NeNe won't have me tuning in at all.
They need to take this show out behind the barn and burn it.

Anonymous said...

4:13 Nothing but the truth.

Anonymous said...

Yeah right. I think she was only offered part-time status. LOL

Anonymous said...

^ Wishful Thinking.

6:19 Say it again

Anonymous said...

CTFU @2:27 NeNe up in here comment creeping.

Anonymous said...

I think it's Bravos call because they've exhausted every story line and know it's pretty much over. Bringing her back is just a small gamble to see if it's really worth going any further.

Anonymous said...

^ Excuses, Excuses

To explain & low-key hate Rationalize the hate

The truth is that Bravo has been BEGGING her to come back for some time now.

But Nene set her price & wouldn't waiver.
That's how you do it !

No one pays a Big price for a small gamble

Folks Love to Hate her so viewership will automatically go up. #FACT

@ 10:03 YOU wish, but nice try.

# Team Nene

((( Deal with it Haters )))

Anonymous said...

Well, if I wanted to see a talking Moose, I'd watch "Rocky and Bullwinkle" on YouTube.

It's a no for me, sir.

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