Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Sean Diddy Combs Surpasses Taylor Swift

Sean 'Diddy' Combs surpasses Taylor Swift as the highest paid entertainer this year...
According to Forbes Diddy earned $130 million after selling one-third of his Sean John Clothing line for $70 million, his partnership with Ciroc vodka and revenue from the Bad Boy Reunion Tour.

Beyonce came in second place with $105 million in earnings from the Lemonade album and Formation World Tour.


Anonymous said...

Entertainer??? Forbes is a joke

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

How many of Diddy's artists have millions?...He took all their money to make his money so I will always give him the side eye.

Anonymous said...

who wears sean john's clothing line? I live in China and I don't even see his clothing sold here or worn here? To quote another commentator here, is this fugazi?

Anonymous said...

Forbes = Celebrities mouthpiece

Anonymous said...

Forbes should be investigated by the Attorney General, they are selling Prestige and Influence to the highest bidder. The gullible and desperate are making investiment decisions based on Forbes Brand of Snake Oil Sales.

Its definatley or form of Influence peddling, particulary with regards to celebs. Forbes saying your rich, will enrich your brand.Thats what they are selling.

Look at their break down of Jay Zs wealth. Jay Z is suing Aspirio for ripping him off and selling him the sinking ship Tidal. Would you invest in a company involved in that type of litigation. Yet Forbes conveintenly omitts that.

They also omitted the Failed loan/real estate/luxury" J Hotel " nightmare that is still tied up in litigation with Highland Capital and NexBank.Jay Z should have easily been able to just pay this off with all the wealth Forbes says he has, instead of letting the interest penalties and legal fees accumilate over the years to where now this thing is just out of control. Do you think anyone from Forbes board of Directors or Shareholders would invest or recommend one their buddies to invest in ANY Jay Z Enterprise?..........Of course not.

Anonymous said...

at 9:20 I would love to do a Snitch role call to see where the commenters are from! Greetings on the other side of the world!

And I think Sean John is more formalwear. I see it in Macy's, but the days of the Sean John logo shirts and jeans have long but disappeared!

Anonymous said...

11:00, china here. I don't even see counterfeit sean jean clothes. I don't see them sold, or resells on wechat, Beijing, Dalian, Xiamen, Shenzhen, underground malls, majors malls. I see Gucci, Chanel, rolex, armani, vivian westwood, tiffany, , beats, prada, pp, nike, Adidas, louis vuitton, mont blanc, hell even that crap spinning thing I see here but sean john from kids, adults, in the city, in the village in mountains. Not even remote areas in Kinmen island of Taiwan. Hell, even fake liquor but no sean john.

Anonymous said...

9:42 and 10:53

Both of you have valid points

BUT i do think that Diddy is making good money just not as much as claimed.
Just like all other TOP celebrities

Anonymous said...

I agree, Diddy is in q whole nother league than Jay Z. They have combined Jay and Beys wealth, Diddy is worth more than both put together.

He also doesnt have a trail of hundreds of law suits like Jay for bad business deals.

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