Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Yasiin Bey Announces Final Concert

Last year the rapper formally known as Mos Def announced he was retiring from the music business with a series of goodbye concerts [click here if you missed that].

Now he's back for one last show, for real this time...

This week it was announced that Yasiin Bey would be giving his official farewell performance at the One Music Fest 2017 in Atlanta.

Yasiin joins Jill Scott, Damien Marley, Sean Paul, Jidenna, Kaytranada, Too $hort, Tank and the Bangas and others.

The weekend music and arts festival kicks off Friday September 8th.


Anonymous said...

As long as he needs money he'll keep performing.

Anonymous said...

The elders never stop performing all the way up to their deaths. Google any legend or anyone not a legend and you'll see they performed til they died. I think it's a deal with the devil, he'll even working class folk get to sit around at age 62,65 or 67 (take ur pick) and get a check and food stamps. Why won't record labels provide a pension package for their slaves? Haha I

I troll it like I see it. said...

Did this idiot resolve his immigration issues yet? fool ass kneegrow running from the country his ancestors fought and died for, to run on some continent where most of those dusty foot fools don't even like yo ass. I hope he can come back home in a Trump era lol.

prissa o said...

@9:54 I think Tina Turner is really retired, right? I haven't heard of her performing (in the states) in years. Not sure if she performs in whichever country she lives...

Anonymous said...

@10:02pm, this is another poster

Im not sure if Ms Turner retired
But I think, if Im not mistaken
She changed her citizenship to another
I wonder if that could be a clause
That if stars, young or old change their citizenship
They are no longer as indebted to the industry

Im too lazy to do the research on it
But it is food for thought

student said...

I personally would like to see him in film. His music was getting too conceptual--still skillful--but definitely disjointed. He's a brilliant dude and I just don't think the current music industry can even handle his artistic level imho

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