Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kelly Rowland has her Limits

Kelly Rowland has had a nose job, her teeth fixed and breast implants but she draws the line at botox injections.

Kanye's Jewelry From the BET Awards

Everybody...ok nobody is talking about the jewelry Kanye West wore at the BET Awards but Kanye explained it on his blog.

Good News for Weezy

No extra time for Lil Wayne in the Yuma drug case.

Mazel Tov Y'all

Farnsworth Bentley is getting married.

Uncle Luke Says he was Chopped and Screwed

Luther Campbell is accusing Atlanta radio station Hot 107 of editing audio of him calling his kids 'sperm donations'.

Jennifer Breaks her Silence About the Murders

video after the break

Don't Ask Won't Tell

In a recent interview with News of the World Alicia Keys addresses everything under sun...except what people really want to know.

More Canceled Concerts for Rihanna?

That's the word.

See This Guy Standing Next to Tyler Perry?

His name is Steve Koonin, he's President of Turner Entertainment Networks and I can guarantee you the next time Tyler Perry sees him he's going to scratch his eyes out.

Mashonda's not the Only one Coming for Swizz

The IRS is after him too.

Bad News for Naomi Campbell

and it's not just those ghastly photos of her thinning hair that are floating around the Internet.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lloyd Takes Credit for Chris Brown's Tears

Busted! Lloyd says he told Chris Brown to cry on stage for forgiveness. Good advice Lloyd. Now shut up about it.

video after the break.

Is Rihanna Bad for Matt Kemp?

Ever since Rihanna got back in town her boyfriend, LA Dodger Matt Kemp, has been relegated to riding the bench.

Method Man Pleads Guilty to Tax Evasion

Remember last year when Meff got arrested for tax evasion? Yeah, he pled guilty to that.

Rumor Control

Beyonce addresses those nasty little rumors about her relationship with Matthew Knowles.

Rihanna Cancels Another Concert Date

Shit just got real.

Jermaine is Team Breezy

Jermaine Jackson says it's time forgive Chris Brown for kicking Rihanna's ass.

In Defense of John Legend's Hairline

After the Twitter-sphere went HAM on John Legend's hairline at the BET Awards, John posted a series of bitchy Tweets stating while he may have a crooked hairline, at least he's better than you.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Former Friend Shot at Michael Vick's Birthday Party

An ex-pal, who testified against Michael Vick in his dog fighting trial, crashed Mike's birthday party, flung cake in his face and then... got shot.

And The Award for Best Lip Sync in a Performance

did not go to Nicki Minaj last night.

Baby Steps

Queen Latifah inched one step further out of the closet last night.

Kanye's Comeback

 In case you missed it, Kanye's BET Awards performance after the cut.

Side Eye of Death

How funny was Prince's expression when Alicia Keys hopped her five months pregnant ass up on that piano and crawled around during her tribute to him on the BET Awards last night?

Alicia's piano jumping after the break.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chris Brown Crying His Way Through His BET Michael Jackson Tribute

video after the cut

29 Questions

Kelis answered 29 questions for The Guardian and what did she tell us that we didn't already know? That she's deathly afraid of rodents, she's disappointed in Nas and she thinks she's in love.

Chris Brown was not at the Unofficial MJ Tribute Saturday Night

but Katherine Jackson was and Randy Jackson was not pleased about it.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Beyonce is not Speaking to her Father

 and the rift is causing problems with her record label.

Jennifer Hudson Behind the Music

Jennifer Hudson is featured on the next installment of VH1's Behind the Music and will speak at length about the murder of her mother, brother and nephew for the first time. 

How the Jacksons Spent June 25

Randy, Janet, Jermaine and Tito spent the day with Michael Jackson fans at the Forest Lawn cemetery in LA.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Chris Brown Teaming up with Joe Jackson?

That's the word.

They May be Loving Him in South Africa

but there's a lawsuit waiting for R Kelly when he gets back home.

They Say

That Michael Jackson monument in Gary, Indiana was "unveiled" last summer at the Gary Railcats (minor league baseball) stadium...then it was "unveiled" again 2 weeks ago when Joe Jackson was in town. Now it's being "unveiled" again for Katherine!! They just keep throwing a sheet over it and unveiling it over and over again!"


Congratulations Monique

135 people were invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences this year. Monique was one of them.

Big Marv is in the Clear

You remember MC Hammer's cousin Big Marv. You know, the one from Hammer's reality show 'HammerTime' who met that girl over Twitter who accused him of rape?

Whose Cooch Was Hanging Out on Stage?

click here

Divorce Final Dwyane Relieved

Dwyane Wade is glad his divorce from Siohvaughn has finally been granted. Now he's ready to fight for his kids.

Spurned Groupie Outs Aaron McGruder as Uncle Ruckus Type

Some half Asian groupie chick who was paid by Tyler Perry dated Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder sent an email to Straight from the A blog saying Aaron hates back women.

LaToya Doesn't Think MJ's Kids Should Go to School Yet

Katherine Jackson has decided to send Michael Jackson's kids to school but Latoya Jackson is against the idea.

Alicia Keys on Good Morning America

Alicia talks about about her charity work, her new baby and mentions Swizz Beatz.

Randy Jackson Does Not Support Gary Memorial

Katherine and Joe Jackson took Michael's 3 kids to their home town Gary, Indiana today for a memorial tribute for Michael Jackson but Randy Jackson, who worked really hard to arrange a tribute at Forest Lawn cemetery, is disappointed that the family won't be together at Forest Lawn.

R Kelly Getting Lots of Love in South Africa

R Kelly might make your skin crawl but they love him in South Africa.

Jermaine Thinks Michael Could Have Been Saved

Jermaine Jackson says Michael would still here if he'd converted to Islam.

Oh My

Did Tyler Perry fire everyone in his inner sanctum over that Boonedocks episode? That's the word.

Michael Jackson Believed People Wanted him Dead

In her first interview since Michael Jackson's death, Katherine Jackson reveals Michael believed 'greedy' people wanted him dead.

Kelly Rowland Comes Clean

Remember last year when Kelly Rowland got dropped from Columbia Records but insisted at the time that the decision was mutual?  Yeah, she was lying.

Michael Jackson

died one year ago today.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rihanna Caught up in Barbados Land Scandal

Politicians in Barbados gifted Rihanna with a parcel of land but not everybody is happy about it.

Inside the Jet Jay Didn't Pay For

If you kept up with your celebrity gossip, you'd know Jay Z was sued by Air Platinum Holding for skipping out on $138,000.00 in charter jet fees. Pictures of the jet after the cut. 

Not So Blind Item

Don't you just love blind items that are easy to guess?

Kelis and Knight Gotta Move

because Nas is $52,000.00 behind on mortgage payments.