Thursday, September 30, 2010

Caught Out There

One of Shaunie O'Neal's slick tricks is coming back to haunt her. Remember when Shaunie reached out to one of Shaquille O'Neal's mistresses in an effort to get dirt on Shaq? [Click here if you missed that] That little stunt might blow up in Shaunie's face.

Fantasia Tour Dates Announced

Fantasia, Kandi Burruss and Eric Benet are coming to a city near you.

Mariah Carey Spotted at LAX in a Wheelchair

After taking a spill on stage in Singapore [click here if you missed that] Mariah Carey was spotted at LAX in a wheelchair. 

Old Sins Surface

Bishop Long's first wife accused him of beating her while she was pregnant.

Kanye is Mad

Kanye West had been releasing free music every Friday on what he refered to as Good Fridays, a play on his label name G.O.O.D which means Getting out our dreams. Anyway, somebody leaked music from Kanye's new cd so free music Good Fridays are over indefinitely.

Jamal Parris Says He and Bishop Long Had Sex Inside the Church

The other day Jamal Parris spoke to Fox 5 in Atlanta, in the second part of the interview Jamal admits having sex with Bishop Eddie Long inside New Birth before and after church services.

Chris Brown Accused of Jacking Beats

A Scottish DJ says he 'choked on his cornflakes' after listening to Chris Brown's new single Yeah 3x because he says he constructed that beat 2 years ago. You be the judge.

Yung Berg Loses Another One

Say bye bye to the Batman. Yung Berg, who famously got his ass kicked and his Transformer chain snatched in Detroit, [click here if you missed that] got his chain snatched again.

Random Tweets

Fourth Long Accuser Speaks Out

Spencer LeGrande, the fourth young man to accuse Bishop Eddie Long of sexual misconduct, asks everyone to pray for him, the 3 other young men and the Bishop.

Naomi Campbell Says She's No Role Model

In a recent interview Naomi Campell scoffed at the idea of being looked to as a role model.

How Bey Snagged Jay

Old tea is still tea. Go here

Ciara Speechless

Ciara's new video

Bishop Eddie Long's Second Address

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Delonte West Breaks his Silence

Finally. Somebody asked Delonte West the question we all want to know: Did you sleep with LeBron James' mother?

Bishop Eddie Long Speaks to his Congregation

Bishop Long presided over a prayer meeting at New Birth on Tuesday and somebody from Online Fellowship was there and took notes.

Hammer is Mad

MC Hammer is mad because Jay Z dissed him on a new track.

Rihanna's Cover Art

Rihanna's new cd  Loud is set to drop November 16th.

Laila Ali Pregnant with her Second Child

Laila announced,
“I am pregnant again! I’m three months, and I’m so excited, my family is excited. I’m hoping it’s a girl this time!”

Cudi Gets Two Days of Community Service

Back in July Kid Cudi was raging off coke and kicked down a female acquaintances' door and smashed her cell phone. Miss Scared Witless called the cops on Cudi and arresting officers found liquid coke and ecstasy in the lonely stoner's pockets.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Eddie Long Accuser Speaks Out

Fox 5 Atlanta caught up with Jamal Parris in Colorado and asked him about the accusations against Bishop Eddie Long and what he says and how he says it may prove to be Bishop's undoing.

Jay Z Decoded

Jay Z's new book goes on sale November 16th and turns out it's not just about him, but also decoding his lyrics. Jay breaks it down after the break.

Beyonce at an East Orange Block Party

Chris Brown Mad About Bootleggers

Chris Brown's pay-per-view video '12 Stands: Matrix' came out yesterday and it was pretty easy to find online without buying a 2.99 ticket and needless to say Chris was pissed about it.

Kelly Rowland in Complex

BuJu Banton Mistrial Declared

After 4 days of deliberation jurors could not agree on a verdict in BuJu Banton's drug case.

Wyclef Jean Hospitalized for Exhaustion

Wyclef Jean checked himself into hospital after suffering chest pains. 

Naomi Campbell Covers Russian GQ

GQ is recycling pictures and slipping on their photoshop skills. What is going on with Naomi's arm on this cover? The original picture from Naomi's Vogue spread is after the cut.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mariah Takes a Tumble

Mariah Carey slipped on stage during her show in Singapore last night, but like a true diva, she turned it into a pose and then had her assistant come on stage and remove her shoes.

Aretha Franklin Defends her Son

Last week when Aretha Franklin's 52 year old son got stomped out in a Detroit gas station there was a bit of controversy concerning why he'd neglected to report the incident to police. Well, Aretha says there's a perfectly good reason for that.

More Pastors to be Outed?

grab your tea cup and click here

T.I. Misses Another Concert

T.I. had to cancel another concert because of his travel restrictions.

In Case You Missed It

Bishop Eddie Long addresses the allegations.

Jermaine Jackson Can't Pay His Child Support

Jermaine says he's having a hard time taking care of his sons Jaafar and Jermajesty.

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More Fuel for the Fire

Sources claim Bishop Long entertains young men at million dollar penthouse in downtown Atlanta.

New Birth is Streaming Live

New Birth is streaming live here and here

Friday, September 24, 2010

Beyonce's Temporary Tattoo Line

Now you can look like a tatted up biker chick just like Beyonce!

A Word From Bishop Long

"Bishop Long categorically denies the charges," church spokesman Art Franklin said Friday. "We believe that it is unfortunate the young men have chosen to take this course of action. The defense team will review the complaints and respond accordingly at the appropriate time and in the appropriate forum."

Youth Says Bishop Long Gave Him Ambien

The accusations are coming fast and they're getting worse.

Another Young Man Steps Forward

4th person steps forward with allegations against Bishop Eddie Long.

Random Tweets

Alicia Keys Working Till Her Due Date

OK, I don't know the girl's actual due date, but I do know she's cutting it close.

Janet Jackson's Billionaire Boyfriend

Forget about it Jermaine Dupri, Janet Jackson ain't ever coming back. She's been spotted cupcaking with her billionaire boyfriend all over town.

Pay Your Bills Gary

Gary Dourdan is dodging the bill collectors.

More Boys to Come Foward?

They say the attorney representing the boys who came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against Bishop Eddie Long is currently vetting a flood of other young men who want to cash in, I mean tell their stories.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lyfe Jennings Addresses the Court

Lyfe apologizes and footage from his high speed chase with police after the cut.

Bishop Long Addresses Muscle T Pics

Truthfully, Bishop Long hasn't addressed a damn thing. It's his lawyers doing all the talking now, because you know, Bishop Long has the right to remain silent.

LeBron James' Fake Daddy Just Won't Quit

The man who insists he's LeBron James' real father wants a new DNA test...and some money.

Fantasia Tour News

Fantasia, Eric Benet, and Kandi Burruss are going on tour together. Dates are to be announced. 

Ciara Addresses Photo Leak

Ciara is not happy about those pictures that leaked off the set of her Gimme Dat video [click here if you missed that], but she still can't come up with a release date for her next cd.

Interview after the cut

Random Tweets

Translation: New music from Beyonce in about three weeks.