Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mary J. Blige Clocks the Tea

Mary J. Blige explains what went wrong with her charity's finances...

Earlier this week news leaked out that The Mary J. Blige and Steve Stoute Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now owed the bank more than $250,000.00, hadn't filed their tax returns and was being sued by musicians who hadn't been paid for their services [click here if you missed that].

Mary called into the Angie Martinez Show to explained what happened,
“I just found out that when you don’t hire the right people and have them in the right places, doing the right things, and they don’t have the same motives that you do, your business suffers. And there’s a business to giving as well. So you have to have the right people to make sure everybody’s straight.”
“I’m an artist and my goal was to do something great. I dreamed about helping save the lives of women. This is something I always wanted to do, but I only wanted to do it if I had the right team of people who can do the part that I can’t do. I don’t know about the business side of this thing. All I know is giving—giving my time, giving my lyrics, giving my life.”
“Just know this, Mary J. Blige always bears the brunt of everybody’s horrible mistakes. Mary J. Blige always bears the brunt of people’s incompetence. If it’s my responsibility, that’s fine. I’m a soldier, I’m strong and I can take anything.”


Anonymous said...


Joe said...

Sad when people just want to do good and they get involved with shady business partners who in return hurt their brand.

Anonymous said...

All she has to do is donate that chrispy chicken, fresh lettuce check.

But seriously when you have YOUR NAME attached to something shouldn't you know whats going on?

Anonymous said...

I needed the money since you niggas crowned me on that burger king snack wrap commercial that was worth 2 million dollars,that I had to split with Steve......Mary 1st

Anonymous said...

Empty Set

Anonymous said...

She was better off not saying anything. Every time she tries to "defend" her actions she sounds more ridiculous. How could she NOT know the charity no longer existed (if it ever did) at the address they gave for it?

What happened to all that money she recently raised for charity? I guess she doesn't know anything about that either, does she? Broke ass.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Mary needs to clean house PRONTO.

Anonymous said...

This would never happen to Beyonce.

Anonymous said...

I wish these celebrities would stop trying to create tax shelters that they barely donate to and hardly give anything out from. If you don't know how a charity operates then leave it alone. Donate your time and money to another established charity that supports womens issues. WTF is the "Advancement of Women" in 2012 anyway?? That's such a broad cause when money would be best spent directing it to one of many issues effecting women.

Anonymous said...

Where's Kendu??

Anonymous said...

Mary know that's a pre written statement. We all know she ain't that intelligents.

Anonymous said...

Crispy Chicken....fresh lettuce..

Anonymous said...

@12:36 I can't stand a non funny hoe, trying to go in on somebody about their literacy skills. When they can't spell and are illiterate them damn self. The fuck is intelligents? Or did you mean intelligence? Either way neither would make sense. If your dumb ass was smart, you'd know to drop the "s" on the end of the word intelligent. Fucking idiot.

Anonymous said...

@ 3:41AM

Believe it or not, the poster that you're referring to meant "intelligents." Mary J once tweeted the word "intelligents" in a statement, but she meant to say intelligence. I assume that @12:36 was making a joke about Mary's tweet.

I hope I'm not the only person that caught that. @12:36's comment was pretty funny if you know the history behind it LOL!!

Anonymous said...

3:41am Is right on point. Maybe you shouldn't be the one to point out someone's lack of intelligence. I'm just saying.

Anonymous said...

Co-Sign @ 12:33pm. She would have done better devoting her time and money to an organization that was already reputable and established. That way, all you have to do is make appearances and give money. Putting your name to an organization that involves accepting money should always be scrutinized. I’m just surprised Mary didn’t pay more attention to the money flow. She was with Puffy for years for God sakes. If that didn’t give you a crash course on the importance of watching the money nothing will.

For all the money these celebrities are making, you would think they would surround themselves with people who provide good advice.

I think in my next life I will be a handler for celebrities because there are too many out there receiving terrible advice being forced to defend themselves when the ish hits the fan.

Anonymous said...

Stop trying 2 insult @12:36 "intelligents"!! It was a joke dumbass!

Bee Gee said...

Everybody plays the fool sometimes..



Anonymous said...

LMAO at BeeGee and 12:34...and those who didn't get the "intelligents" joke.

Anonymous said...

3:41 AM

Suck a sick dick dark butt.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:09am - PUSSYCATFUN.....Co-sign

Anonymous said...

she cant get rid of kendu. i believe she does not have a prenup,which ic why she keeps him around and taken care of,buy my sources say he definitely has a side gf and her a bf.theyre married only on paper.

ladies,this is why you never marry a broke ass nigga with less money than you

Anonymous said...

@12:36, I see that you are understand estimate Mary's intelligents. LOL!

Anonymous said...

excuse typos...iphone,ughh...

Anonymous said...

aint it a damn shame 9:46?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Maybe Mary J. is just a dumb blonde!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Mary. Still speaking in the third person when referring to yourself I see.

Girl, stop. Stop it right now.

I try to ride with Wilona Woods (shout out to Fresh) and Fanny, but them dumb bitches stay loosing. Stop looking for the easy way around sh*t, and for God's sake stop thinking everybody is going to have your back just because you're famous. Your fame is going to draw fuckery and low lifes especially when you still have that mentality.

Anonymous said...


Fuck you and yo jokes. Cornball ass nigga!!!

Anonymous said...

I think her intention was to help. I never believed she was stealing money. However if she didn't know how a charity runs it was her responsibility to make sure she had a legal expert that could keep an eye on the business side..

Anonymous said...

Mary J is illiterate and uneducated, and don't know the first thing about running a charity, she probably put her no working husband in charge of it to give his ass some importance.

and have you notice all these people who run charities or have someone else watch their money that THOSE OTHER PEOPLE ARE TO BLAME AND NOT THE IDIOTS WHOSE MONEY IT WAS.

Anonymous said...

mary is a lowlife ghetto addict she knew what was going on she just looks stupid and for all thoses sucking Mary ass she couldn't give 2 cent about you@1236 suck some real ass

Anonymous said...

"I don’t know about the business side of this thing" ... wrong statement Mary, you should ALWAYS know the "business" side of anything your name is associated with ... you don't need a business degree to make sure the bills are getting paid ... ALL business statements s/b coming directly to you & s/b physically signed by you, Mary ... you need a better excuse than that!!!

Anonymous said...

I think some of these celebs just do stuff so it can look good on their "career achievement" award they hope to get one day ... they want to "appear" as if they're charitable, but don't have a clue what their "charity" is doing!!!

Haterade said...

This dumb snatch is ignorant as hell. I love how she trying to blame others for her mistakes. If you starting a charity then you are responsible for those who work for that charity, ho. She is ridiculous.

Someone Please Call 911 said...

Did she try to pull a Wyclef?

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