Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Jackie's Daughter Details Emotional Abuse

Last night on Basketball Wives LA Jackie Christie's daughter Chantel meets with Laura Govan and reveals the emotional abuse she and her sister endured from Jackie...

Chantel tells Laura that Jackie openly favored her over her sister Takari because of Takari's skin color and size.


Anonymous said...

Jackie is a horrible person. I would hate to have her for my mother for real

Anonymous said...

I get everybody position's BUT I'm with Malaysia " If you don't like each other, just stay away from each other ". This is ridiculous how these grown women act so childish. I reeeally hope Jackie is not playing favorites with her children. If so, she is a total disgrace to all of humanity.

Anonymous said...

No joke but BBWLA still on....oh... *face palm

AnRnBThug said...

FYI – Your Mother is Sociopath and a Certified, Over Hill Groupie. She’s extremely co-dependant on everyone She loves to the 10 degree. If anyone has seen the piece that was done on them years ago you would have seen what kind of NUT this Bitch is. She followed Him all around the country during the season during NBA season (Who got the kids?) He wasn’t allowed to look at Women (even the cheerleaders) No Women could interview Him. Bitch Jumped on Rick Fox DURING an NBA fight Rick should have smacked the boogers out Her nose. In conclusion, She’s sick and too set in Her ways but then again ALL them
tramps on that show are sick, some worse than others

Anonymous said...

her daughter looks just like my friend who i grew up with.

Anonymous said...

Jackie is sick! She is a charismatic psycho path. I knew a woman like her and the illness is no joke.

Anonymous said...

Jackie is a nutty bitch.

Anonymous said...

Jackie is a horrible person if this is true.

I hate to say it but dark skin people,especially dark skin women,need to stop being these people's victim.

When you are young and a child you can do nothing about their hatred but as an adult turn your back on EVERY motherfucker that downed you due to color.

If a white person talked down to you about your skin color the way many black people do you would NOT keep company with that white person.

I think dark skin men and women need to form their own companies to avoid being subject to color struck hateful black people such as Jackie.The best way to fight hatred is through self love.

Dark skin people in general need to give preferential treatment to each other and do so unapologetically.As a light-medium complected black woman (depends on the weather) who has not had to deal with the "you are too black issue" I am DISGUSTED by the family members of darker skin people who treat them like trash due to their color.

What Chani is describing is clear abuse and if it's true I'm glad that Jackie got her ass whooped by Brooke.

Anonymous said...

AnRnB thug STFU! All you seem to care about is the fact that a married woman traveled everywhere with her husband and didn't want to see him look at other women.Most women though they don't go everywhere with their husbands prefer them to not leer at other women.

What a trifling fool you are.To suggest that men have the right to look at who ever lustfully despite being married.

Jackie is a crazy person because she's a drama queen, a shit starter, who possibly abused her child.

Two grown ups who make the decision that for the sake of their marriage they'll travel together and the man won't look at other women lustfully are not crazy.

I know you grew up in a single parent home with depressed mother and you had a trifling daddy that cat called women and fucked who ever, when ever. who probably died from Aids and had a herpes corroded dick at the young age of 21 but believe it or not,it is NOT normal for MARRIED men to behave that way.

AnRnBThug said...

I see you one of those Sociopath Women
who are nuttier than squirrel shit. WTF She following Her Husband around for during the season for? Don’t Marry someone you can’t trust/don’t DUMMY. So She effectively ABANDONED Her Kids Every NBA so She could chaperone Her Husband around the Country to enforce Her rules? GTFOHWTBS What She should have been doing is seeking therapy back then and taking some business courses of something and not living vicariously through Her Husband. She’s not independent in NO ASPECT. This is a sick sick Woman.

I have eyes to see, I can’t look at another Woman? PLEASE
Fuck Outta Here

Anonymous said...

@ 10:40am now was that even necessary? Do you feel better about yourself? He didn't say anything no one else here has ever said about Jackie or this topic.

Anonymous said...

JACKIE and DOUG are pathetic.

DOUG knew and knows how Jackie is, he is the type that buries his head in the sand.

All of you dark skinned women out here looking for light skinned men so your child won't be dark, you are pathetic as well.

Anonymous said...

HEY BROOKE, Jackie lied to you, Jackie does have a problem with dark skinned people.

Anonymous said...

"WTF She following Her Husband around for during the season for?"

Because she wants too?Maybe she don't trust the women?As far as I'm concerned her and Doug saved not only their marriage but Doug's career.

Tell me something?Do men stop wanting pussy just cause they're on the road DUMMY????

He could have had a weak moment had sex with another woman who then could have made a false claim that he raped her.Why go through that when he has a wife that does NOT work just sitting at home.

"So She effectively ABANDONED Her Kids Every NBA "

If she did it was uncalled for and WRONG.She could have easily taken the kids on the road with her with all the money Doug was making.they could have lived on the road as a family.Kids could have been home schooled.Had a real school teacher and everything.She could have still traveled with her husband.Lots of celeb families have spent months on the road.

"taking some business courses of something and not living vicariously through Her Husband"

There are a lot of women who don't get any education when they marry because they don't plan on splitting up with their husbands who are the bread winners.My mother had children never worked a day in her life.Just because your mother was a full time parent and HAD to work outside the household FULL TIME because YOUR father was a sorry son of a bitch doesn't make anything wrong with Jackie Not going back to school or working.There was nothing wrong with her traveling with her husband DUMB ASS.She should have bought the kids with them.Seeing as though she and Doug agreed to that lifestyle where she traveled with him.

"She’s not independent in NO ASPECT. "

No she's NOT AND your point is....????
Doug knows she don't work and is not educated.He pays all the bills and doesn't seem to be going anywhere.You got a problem with it because you are so used to women like your mammy having to work like a dog her whole life and take care of kids on her own that turned out to hate black women like you do.

I personally would suggest MOST women get an education so that in case of divorce they can provide for themselves.But some people do stay married like crazy Jackie.You mad?

@11:07 AnRnB thug is a hateful son of a bitch.While I agree that Jackie is crazy and mean spirited, there is nothing wrong with her traveling with her husband and not wanting him to lustfully look at other women.AnRnBThug grew up in a single parent household and was never taught anything good by his disgusting father about how married people behave.

Anonymous said...

@ 10 30 aka Kola. Yes, u ARE considered dark. Youre also obsessed with bringing colorism into every fucking argument.

Anonymous said...

Jackie was so busy chasing dick around the country she failed to raise her kids.

Anonymous said...

AnRnBThug "I have eyes to see, I can’t look at another Woman?"

A married man CAN look at other women.But not lustfully.What don't you understand?If you grew up with two parents in a healthy relationship you would have been taught this.

I get tired of married men leering at me.It is wrong and inappropriate.There's a difference from looking and undressing with your eyes.

Furthermore,it seems to be a major issue for you to be able to look at other women.What's wrong with you?How do you turn out so foul that you don't even know how to respect yourself,strange women that you don't know and your mate?

You are a disgusting person.

Anonymous said...

@11:37 I am NOT Kola.I did NOT bring colorism into this issue Chani,Jackie's daughter, did.Did you watch the video?

It is wrong for a parent to treat a child the way Chani said Jackie treated her daughter.It's like hating a child for not being born with blonde hair.It's evil and psychologically damaging and if it's true I'm glad Brooke,a dark skin woman,whooped Jackie's ass.

If dark skin people are being treated bad by other light people and even other dark people then they NEED to form their own companies and hire each other.There have been literally thousands of court cases involving black people hating on and harassing darker skin black people.If these things are happening dark skin people need to stop tolerating that treatment from other black people.

They wouldn't tolerate it out of white people.

Anonymous said...

I agree with AnRnBThug; Jackie went with Doug every where to keep the groupies away but she sacrificed her children for a happy marriage. SOMEONE had to get the girls dressed for school, take them to doctor's visits, feed them, have birthday parties for them etc, all the things that mother's do for and with their children. Even if a woman is a single mother, she still takes/makes time for her child/children.

Leaving money to pay the bills and buy groceries isn't the same as planning your child's birthday party or even just taking them out for ice cream. Children don't take these things lightly. Chantel even said that she would've rather had her mother around rather than 'money'. You could be rich and have a whole butt load of money but if you live in a house without love, what good is it? Jackie and Doug have money but she's crying because she doesn't have a good relationship with her daughters. She kept the groupies out of her marriage but she doesn't have a good relationship with her daughters. Was it worth it?

Anonymous said...

Let me see if I have this straight; Jackie sacrificed her relationship with her daughters and now she has the nerve to be in her feelings because her and her daughters have a strained relationship??? WTH????

AnRnBThug said...

YOU sound Crazy…LOL
You contradict yourself throughout your Rant and don’t even realize it, that is what’s most disturbing. Why do you thing Her kids are RUNNING from Her? She’s a Fuckin’ NUT – It’s clear you identify with Her though. Which makes you one too. Why don’t ALL Women go with their Husband’s on Business trips, great idea right?
Obviously you did see the show they were pitching. She left the Kids with Her Mom to follow Doug to make sure He didn’t cheat. (Great Life) If that’s the scope of your life then you are one sad pathetic individual. When you Marry a person you don’t become their Parole Officer.

Staten Island Girl said...

@11:07 AnRnB thug is a hateful son of a bitch.While I agree that Jackie is crazy and mean spirited, there is nothing wrong with her traveling with her husband and not wanting him to lustfully look at other women.AnRnBThug grew up in a single parent household and was never taught anything good by his disgusting father about how married people behave.

jackie is crazy she traveled to every single away game with her husband. WHO HAD THE KIDS? she said to them there was food on the table lights in the house and grandma down the hall whats the problem. the problem is grandma isnt mom. jackie is sick and rnb thug says some crazy things but hes right on this one. how can you force your man not to look at another woman? further more what kind of man allows a woman to control his every move like that? marriage is supposed to be a partnership and this bitch is a dictator all the way. she is sick and will eventually end up lonely with her daughters not wanting to be bothered. i wouldnt put it pass her to dislike the dark skinned one. jackie is so messed up. i remember seeing her at every game when christi was on the kings( when i had the early version of league pass) and thought then that something was wrong with her. even the commentators mentioned it! and this was back in 1999-2000

Anonymous said...

"jackie is crazy she traveled to every single away game with her husband. WHO HAD THE KIDS? "

Yes she is crazy and mean spirited and she should have taken her kids with her DUUUHH

But there was nothing wrong with that married woman traveling with her husband.

"how can you force your man not to look at another woman?"

That's the thing you CAN'T.Doug went along with it because HE obviously felt it was wrong to stare down other women.Married people don't do shit like that.If any of you grew up seeing a healthy marriage this wouldn't be so mind boggling to you all.But when you grown up around a bunch of never married people who think it's normal for men to grab their penises and stare women up and down and cat call women you may think Doug was missing out on something.

You and RnBthugs comments just goes to show what's wrong with the black community these days.Men feel entitled to lustfully look at women they aren't even married to.They don't want their wives to travel with them so that they can get some other pussy from a groupie.I don't blame a lot of women for not marrying when you have a community filled with RnBthugs.

Anonymous said...

To all the idiots bringing out the dark skin issue. YOU IDIOTS are the most degenerate type of MORONS and are the main reason why black people are seen as MONKEYS. White people do not make an issue of skin color it is BLACK PEOPLE WHO DO. Black people are the ones who came up with disparaging terms for darker skinned people NOT white.

Isn't it black people who call each other NIGGER on a daily basis? Ligther skin black people (not all) who think they are automatically better then everyone else are absolute MORONS.Moreover, IT IS A FULL BLOWN LIE THAT WHITE PEOPLE STARTED THIS COLORISM BULLSH!T. THIS HATING OF DARK SKIN WAS STARTED BY LIGHTER SKINNED BLACK. FACT.

You dumbasses, if white people hated darker skinned blacks so much they wouldn't use them as models for their ads. ALL OF THE TOP CHAINS USE DARK SKIN MODELS FOR THEIR ADS:



It is the moronic lighter skin blacks who do not like dark skin. You know the King Magazines, Smooth and all of those GHETTO MAGAZINES THAT DON'T MATTER. GUTTER SH!T.







Anonymous said...

Laura is a psycho B I T C H. Who in the hell is she to go behind Jackie's back and speak to her daughter? Maybe Jackie should speak to all of othe married basketball players Laura whored around with, UNCLUDING SHAQUILLE O'NEAL. Yes, Laura slept with Shaq while Shaunie was still married to him. This information was exposed on the first season of BBLA. Bambi is 100% correct when she says Laura is really the psychopath. I would pay to see Babmi wax that ass. This is down right pathetic. I'm not taking sides, but this is some foul sh*t. Laura has seemed 'off' in the mind since the first season. Why are me and Bambi the only ones to see through this psychotic whore?

Anonymous said...

Laura is a psycho B I T C H. Who in the hell is she to go behind Jackie's back and speak to her daughter? Maybe Jackie should speak to all of the married basketball players Laura whored around with, INCLUDING SHAQUILLE O'NEAL. Yes, Laura slept with Shaq while Shaunie was still married to him. This information was exposed on the first season of BBWLA. Bambi is 100% correct when she says Laura is really the psychopath. I would pay to see Bambi wax that ass. This is down right pathetic. I'm not taking sides, but this is some foul sh*t. Laura has seemed 'off' in the mind since the first season. Why are me and Bambi the only ones to see through this psychotic whore?

Queen Lena said...

@AnRnBThug, Thanks for this information. I'm about to search and see if it's true. In the mean time, links would be helpful.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

@12:23 and 12:34

I agree with you everyone knows black people are a joke. Pathetic all of them like some kind of scum species.

Anonymous said...

@12:23 Just stay away from black people if you're not related to them. I guarantee your quality of life will improve in leaps and bounds.

Anonymous said...

@12:28 I agree.I think that is crazy for Laura to talk to Jackie's daughter.But I figure Chani is talking to her out of spite she seems really hurt by what Jackie abandoning her and her siblings.Along with the way Jackie abused her sister.

Jackie comes off as a horrible parent.

But there still isn't anything wrong with a married non working woman traveling with her husband.Abandoning the kids was wrong though.

Queen Lena said...

@AnRnBThug...I don't know why everyone is giving you a hard time for your comment, brother. I just did a quick search on YouTube and found that part of your comment is true. The fight was justified, her natural instinct was to help her husband. As far as not allowing female reporters, she says that wasn't true.

Here's a link:

Black love!


Anonymous said...

At the end of the day Jacky has a medical condition she need to deal with first and foremost. She needs meds, therapy or something.

On the other hand I see nothing wrong with being out on the road making money as long as you make time for your children some kind of way and you do everything to help them understand why it is your out and about. Most people with money didn't get it sitting around the house. However in Jackie case you don't leave to chase a man (but this is off Jackie were talking about). She thought the money could compensate and apparently Doug thought the same thing. He didn't tell her to stay home. Me personally wouldn't leave my children and have no problem having less money, or taking a lesser job but if everyone thought like that the world would be phases behind.

I don't know if her daughter is just being spiteful and I think the rest of the ladies felt the same way. Why else would you bad talk your mom to outsiders. One minute Jackie's not around to tuck you in. Then she's around enough to make the other daughter feel like crap, cutting her out of family pictures, around when your trying to talk to Doug ??? Which one is it ?

Willow and Jada for example. Willow felt the same way but like normal people they listened and talked their differences out and have since moved forward.

Jacky biggest problem is she isn't able to listen to the harshness of how her children feel. She needs to be able to take it no matter if she feels they are right or wrong. It almost kills her to hear them out, but hey you have to man up to move forward. Don't combat their thoughts. Accept it, apologize for days, years to move forward. Continue to try and make up for it !

The daughter needs to calm way down too ! Chilll !If you aren't Jackie's daughter I don't know who is gheesh !

AnRnBThug said...

Queen ask and you shall receive


Crazy Ass Jackie & Pussy Ass Husband

AnRnBThug said...

Listen, I’m an advocate of a great relationship
but Doug was the butt of every joke cause he was the ONLY NBA player who’s wife followed Him to EVERY Game. His teammates thought it was odd, coach and fans. She following their Bus in a car, on another floor in the hotel and sitting in the crowd every game, In the Locker room after every game probably looking at Cocks while she in there too (But He Can’t Look at Women)
If they ever divorce She will stalk Him and be a Psychotic Killer cause She don’t have NOTHING
else going on in Her life.

AnRnBThug said...

Doug Christie AINT even Takari’s Father
Jackie is too much.

Anonymous said...

"but Doug was the butt of every joke cause he was the ONLY NBA player who’s wife followed Him to EVERY Game"

This is the problem most black men have.They care too much about what other black men,who tend to be dysfunctional, think.You also just proved the poster at 12:34 right.Black men are in each others relationship business like hateful women.They encourage each other to only be with women that they ALL find acceptable.Never mind individual standards and taste.Just like the poster @ 12:34 said it's always "but what will my friends think" even with adult black men.

Again show me a man that stops desiring sex just because he's on the road?And with all the temptation around why not just bring your wife,who doesn't work, with you to have sex with her?Why would Doug being a man that like many other men has a healthy sexually appetite set himself up for failure?He could have had a weak moment and had sex with another woman who was available at the time if his wife wasn't there.He could be fighting rape cases or paying child support to some random woman but because Jackie's crazy ass followed him on the road he hasn't had to deal with any of that unlike Kobe,Mj and many others.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the mother's that treat their darker skinned children better than their lighter skinned children. Like my own personal experience. My darker siblings have always been treated better than me. I think the entire light vs dark skinned is so antiquated. It's going on 2013 and people need get over their self-induced plague of racism. Just prick our fingers and remember we all bleed red. You will always be enslaved in your mind and it will never grow. Free your mind from your own disease. Do as Jesus would do and turn the other cheek. Don't hate racism back. Remember, people who are racist learned it from someone else and they were not born with it. The bible tells us that love IS the strongest emotion even stronger than hate. Apple...

Anonymous said...

1 John 4:8 He that does not love has not come to know God, because God is love. Apple...

Anonymous said...

@ second 1:12 I am sorry that happened to you.I do believe it happened too.I know people who favored the darker skin kids.Colorism is a form of hatred and abuse.It needs to stop on both ends.

I thank God that I am in the middle of the spectrum because I was always overlooked when it came to the "you are too dark" or "pretty for a dark skin girl" or "you think you all that cause you light skin" comments.That stuff is meant to kill the spirit.

Anonymous said...

I agree w/11:40 in that the thought is what counts. If you look at a woman lustfully, it's adultery/fornication whether or not u do the actual deed. Because if no one would find out, u would. So it's dispespectul point blank.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@1:12 like the latter part of your comment.

Queen Lena said...


What's wrong with him and his wife wanting to be together all the time? That's their business. If she abandoned her children to follow him, that's a problem.

Why is everyone only at odds with Jackie? Laura is the psycho path. That girl is low down and dirty.

Check this out:

Anonymous said...

This is so sad. But when it really boils down to it, the Klansman doesn't care what shade of black you are. He hates you just the same.
For the past 2 to 3 yrs I have been hearing and reading about a race war that may take place in America. YT people have been arming themselves by the teeth, while we sit here and bad mouth each other spewing hatred amongst ourselves, instead of unifying and realizing what we may face in the future. Of course Obama's winning did not help the situation. It just angered and fueled racist YT folks even more.
To my light skin people, you will not be able to fight along side with the Klansmen. They hate you too. My dark skin people, the same for you too. You will all be grouped together and definitely looked upon as Niggers, porch monkeys, apes, Sambo's, etc... They have made us think the closer we are in complexion to them the better "Niggers" we are. Bullshit! So we fight each other like the brainwashed fools some of us are. Giving them a hearty laugh, as well as, more control over simple ass black people. I've said nothing that you all don't know or haven't heard before. And yet the dog is still going round and round still following it's tail. Pointless, right? But he is a dog and we are suppose to be above that as intelligent human beings, able to figure out survival tools that help us progress as a people, instead of hurting us and placing us in vulnerable positions to be cut down to size even more.
I ask everyone to seriously consider what I've said here. You do know that we are only 12% in the USA, right? That's not a lot. And our brother and sister in the Motherland can't deal with us because of our slave mentality and our willingness to do the same dumb things that keep us subservient salves, with no pride or unity in sight. We can and must do better or we will ultimately disappear.
I love you all and the beautiful rainbow we represent. But trust me, our problems are much bigger than, "That person's too dark or light". Our enemy is all about destroying descendants of not only the first people on the Earth, but descendants of honorable Kings and Queens. Which means we are ever so worthy of love and respect. And to me that's worth unifying for.

Anonymous said...

12:23 is Tracey or snob she's leaving out the bible verses so she can curse. Ignore her posts.

Anonymous said...

@11 46, my bad sista....I did not view the video. @ 2 29, excellent post. Please spread the word on this.

Anonymous said...

At 1:21,that is a lie. No parent treats their lightest kid the worse. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt,she built up your darker siblings self esteem because she knows the real world. You will always be loved and considered appealing because you are light,your dark siblings won't. Can't blame your mom for giving love and compliments where they are truly needed.

On another note... why has no one brought up the fact that Jackie is a dark skin woman? She is not Doug Chrisitie white,not even Chani light. She is barely lighter than Takara(sp?). Then again,I guess in the states it's different. Jackie needs to learn to love her dark tone and stop believing because she isn't the darkest she's exempt. You are dark skin Jackie.
I always find it strange when people who are clearly not light go through great lengths to distance themselves from what they are closest too.

Anonymous said...

How is Jackie going to be mistreating her daughter for being dark skin, when she herself, is the same damn color as her daughter!

Anonymous said...

Chantel took to Twitter today after the show and defended her actions and also to reach out to Mom Jackie. Her words:

Not that I owe you viewers any explanation. But I will address this for once and for all. Quote me, right it down, take a picture - I don't give a f-ck.

I was in a bad place in MY life. Was it right? No. Was it "all lies"? No. Was it 4 "publicity"? No. Did I kno where Laura was coming from? NO. Do I regret it? I regret airing my personal life out 2 sm1 who, I now feel, had malicious intent. I regret addressing it publicly, at all. You all can believe WHATEVER you would like to.

I know MY truth. I wake up everyday and I have to live MY life. None of y'all do it for me. Show me a person that has never done something they shouldn't have. And I'll show you an angel. I will not call it a mistake because in THAT moment, it was exactly what I wanted to do. Looking back, it NEVER should've happened.

And I am woman enough to admit that publicly. But to be ridiculed, disrespected, threatened and bashed... Y'all don't know me!! Walk a mile in my shoes, and I guarantee you'll take em off! When all this "reality" shit is over. When the camera cuts, and production wraps... That is still my Mother. And we have, and will continue to, mend our relationship BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, not for a million ppl to watch, dissect and judge.

And she ended with a message to Jackie:

@JackieChristie, I love you. & I'm not sure how, but as a FAMILY, I'm sure we'll get through this. If you're ready, I'm willing. And to those that have said evil, malicious things to me... I'm praying for you. Not even mad at cha. You can only speak on what you see.

Anonymous said...

Jackie gallavanting all over the country followng Doug like a lost puppy was wrong because she had young kids she abandoned so she could do it.

That's what make it wrong.

She abandoned her kids to the care of their grandmother (whom by the way the kids say Jackie was abusive to her own mother too) just so she could follow Doug around. That's what makes it sick and strange. Who leaves their kids because they're so insecure their man might leave them?

As for Laura being messy...Jackie was one of the one's pointing her finger at Draya last season and calling Draya a bad mom. Hypocritical considering the alleged facts.

Anonymous said...

All I can do is SHAKE MY HEAD at some of the commenters on this post that think that Jackie following her husband around to make sure he didn't cheat was okay or "there's nothing wrong with it"! There is something wrong with it and it's degrading and pathetic.How low can a woman sink to be so consumed by her husband that her children aren't even one of her top priorities.If you don't know ask Katherine Jacksons children.

If I flipped the script and the article read that Doug followed Jackie everywhere she went to make sure she didn't cheat the comments would be TOTALLY different. They would read along the lines of "Jackie needs to leave his controlling ass" "he's and abuser" and so on.

She sacrificed her kids well being to play the role of husband cop. Now she has to pay the price. I am glad that her daughter is very clever and is putting two and two together. She see's her mother for what she is. Most people have to go to years of therapy to figure that out. My prayers go out to her.

Anonymous said...

Who are you to call out someone else's life experience as if you lived them yourself? If she (1:21)said that her darker-skinned siblings were treated better than she was, then so be it. That is that woman's experience and not yours to speak on. It is the flip side of the same ugly coin called colorism.

Anonymous said...

@1:21 - It's really sad you had to experience such awful abuse from your parents. Nobody light or dark should have to go through that. Some white people put us down everyday including our own people. May God bless you and use you to help others to overcome racial barriers.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@12:36 PM

Just like your whore of mother!! You are lame as hell!! Everybody does not think blacks are a joke!! Then your ignorant ass acts like you met every single black person on this planet, but you have not!! So keep the fucking generalization to yourself you low down dirty prick!! Also, if you don't like black people then why the hell are you on a black website that is maintained by a blacks?? LAME LAME!! Who the hell do you think you are? Silly bitch...now go back to the Storm Front website because you are not accepted here!! I bet your lame ass is a Romney supporters, they are known for their racism.

Anonymous said...

It is clear that Jackie has issues!!!! If she wanted to follow behing her husband while Doug was on the road and he was okay with it then fine. But there is only one problem, the kids!

You know why Jackie didn't take her kids with her on the road to be with her and have them home schooled? Because at the end of the day Jackie would have to interact with the kids at some point, which means she won't be able to guard locker room and hotel doors in an effort to keep an eye on Doug. Teachers are just that teachers, not babysitters and Jackie was fully aware of this.

Jackie, girl, your chickens have come home to roost!

Anonymous said...

^^^^ meant to say if Jackie wanted to follow behind Doug while he was on the road.

Anonymous said...

@10:30 AM I understand your disgust. I'm disgusted as well with these 'color struck' black people. It's really gotten out of hand; however, I do not think forming corporations for dark skinned people is the answer.

The answer is, like you said, when these people become adults, they should not allow themselves to be victims to these prejudice black people. This is really a form of abuse and as an adult you don't have to take this from anyone.

This is a great big world. Everyone has an opportunity to find true love. Accept yourself for who you are. You don't need to get a nose job, boob job, weave, or anything else to be accepted by society. Be you and do you as long as it's respectable and decent.

Anonymous said...

@12:23 PM I suggest you enroll in a Black Studies course at your local Community College. This course will teach you the origin of how and why this dark skinned vs. light skinned stuff came about.

FYI, it was the brilliant idea of Willie Lynch. His goal was to bring about mistrust and hatred among the blacks and the best way to do this was show favoritism.

So the slave 'masta' deliberately separated the dark slaves from the light slaves. Dark slaves worked the field and the light slaves worked in the kitchen. The light slaves were considered beautiful and the dark slaves were considered ugly. To this day we as a people are still suffering from this.

gr8p said...

Co-sign AnRnBThug.

Anonymous said...

Jackie Christie screwed up her daughter's life just to run behind a man.Mothers that pull favorites and harm their children are the scum of the freaking earth.She had a darker daughter and hid her from the public's eyeview.Your relationship with your children should be more important than chasing some ballplayer around the world.You will get it all back in the end Miss Ann.How you gonna stop a man from cheating, if he really wants to,crazy?Jackie's mom was light and maybe saw how the world viewed her.Get some help, lady, cause ignorance should stop this year.

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