Saturday, November 28, 2015

Pilar Sanders Sentenced to Jail Time

Last week Pilar Sanders was ordered to pay ex-husband Deion Sanders $2.2 million after losing the defamation of character lawsuit he filed against her [click here if you missed that].

Pilar was also sentenced to jail time…

Deion Sanders tells Sandra Rose in addition to the $2.2 million Pilar must pay she was also sentenced to a week in jail for numerous child custody violations.

Meanwhile Pilar tells Jack Thriller
"There is a reason the constitution was designed to protect our rights and due process, and when those rights are grossly violated we are thankful for the appellate process. We will let truth handle truth, because that’s what will stand in the end; I am strong, patient, present, very comfortable and happy with my babies. We are grateful in our now and celebrate every obstacle we overcome."


Anonymous said...

Good, it's about time women should be held accountable for their own Bullshit (talking to you ,Halle).
Kudos to Deion for not going upside the bitch's head when she was deliberately trying to incite and push buttons. Most of our black men are in prison right now because they let someone get the best of them.

Anonymous said...

Go to jail, Pilar

Anonymous said...

I cant stand this leo bastard Deion Sanders
He is a totally phucked up person to treat his ex wife and mother of his 3 children like this

Anonymous said...

Too bad pilar you should have did what I said, you should have just left and filed for divorce and went on from there, but you didn't you continued to kick up dirt and look where it has landed you in scalding hot water, well good luck I see more pain a head because your going to keep on and dig a deeper hole for yourself

Anonymous said...

Leo's are very deceitful

Anonymous said...

No...Leo's beat mutherfckrs at their own game.

Some of us are generally good me, but not all leos, I've been around some who need their ass whooped!!

But anyway...always remember this...don't try to embarass a Leo and don't test our intelligence either, because YOU WILL feel our wrath one-way or another

The King Of The Real said...

Pilar racking up them "L"'s. i dont like Deion but kuddos for staying above it all for your kids and keeping it straight and handling business. Pilar needs to get a new team

Anonymous said...

Both of them are pathetic and use their kids as pawns!!

Cyrstal Renee said...

I'm with this new era of black man taking all the kids and leaving the dead beat ex trophy wives with pennies. Let this be a lesson to all woman out there that your coochie can only pop severely until you're in your 30's and that ninja wakes up and realizes the house is a mess and you can't cook because you're worthless.

Pay your dues and go to jail, Pilar.

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