Friday, May 27, 2016

Bobby Brown Upset Over New Whitney Houston Documentary?

Last month it was announced that the first Whitney Houston film project approved by the Houston family was currently in production [click here if you missed that].

Now insiders claim Whitney Houston's ex-husband Bobby Brown fears the new film will paint him in a bad light...

From Globe Magazine
Bobby Brown is outraged over a new documentary about his late ex-wife, Whitney Houston – because he’s convinced her family will use it to blame him for her death!
The untitled project directed by Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald is the first film to be approved by Whitney’s estate – and the singer’s family kept her ex-husband completely in the dark about the project, sources say!
“Bobby is furious because he believes the Houstons are going to bury him for her descent into hellish drug abuse that lead to her death!” snitches a spy.


country1617 said...

Not Bobby's fault she was addicted, but as her husband he should have gotten her long term help.

Anonymous said...

Love Bobby and don't blame him for Whitney deug use.


He has been the blame for her drug abuse for years the real reason he's likely mad is because he fears it will hurt his book sales that he's writing about Whitney.

Anonymous said...

Shut up Bobby. He's so outspoken now but they're both gone. Bobby sold his soul a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Everyone including the Houston Family. Knows that Whitney was already addicted to drugs way before Bobby Brown came along. And then they were both on them together. She was on them after they weren't together anymore. That is not that mans fault.

Anonymous said...

Bobby got with Whitney because she HAD MONEY - period. he did not love her. and in the end he ended up hating her. both parents are at fault for how Bobbi Kristina turned out, they were bad parents. therefore, for his other children being upset with him for being with Whitney and their child, should be thanking the God up above that he wasn't in the same house as their children.

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