Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Nicole Beharie Wanted Off Sleepy Hollow?

Last month Sleepy Hollow fans were shocked after lead character Abbie Mills was killed off on the season finale [click here if you missed that].

Turns out it was all actress Nicole Beharie's idea...

From Variety
...Beharie’s character was killed off in the April season finale. Though her departure may have surprised fans, it had been in discussions since before season three began. Beharie no longer wanted to be on the show and had been eyeing an exit from her contract for some time. The show’s producers did not step in the way of her departure, and originally had planned to write her off in the midseason finale. The network backed away from the plan, deciding to finish out the season with the star, who has been co-lead alongside Tom Mison since the show premiered in 2013.
From Deadline ...
During an upfront press call today, Fox TV Group chairman Dana Walden was asked to address the controversy. Carefully choosing her words, she said “a variety of factors led to the ending” and that it was “not a decision we wanted to make” but “we were put in a position where we had to make it.”


Anonymous said...

Unstable sel-saboteur. "Imma quit you before you quit me" ass.

Anonymous said...

better to quit than get fired, I always say.

Anonymous said...

This is old news, actually. I've been wondering why Snitch was reporting this as some kind of conspiracy against her. Turns out she just didn't know. Nicole's been making noise about wanting off since season 1.

Anonymous said...

Nicole got tired of doing live rituals and calling up live demons on TV.

Anonymous said...

In Hollywood you have to play the game or be Blacklisted. When an actor is fired from a movie or TV show the actor gives the standard line of "It was time to move on." or "I felt I took the role/character as far as I could" or "I wanted to try new projects." or  "When I took the role I knew it was only for set number of seasons or episodes."--- That's the line Taraji Henson used when she was let go from Person of Interest.

When an actor is fired they have to go the I wanted to leave route in order not to be labeled "difficult" and have other job opportunities
dry up.  Another reason studios push the they wanted to leave B.S. is to keep viewers.
Viewers = High Ratings. High Ratings = Advertisers. Advertisers = $$$ for the Studio. When an actor goes off script and starts talking about how the Studio or TV Network did them wrong or fired them , viewers/fans will stop watching the show which causes the Studio/Network to lose money and the Studio/Network will retaliate
against the actor.

Nicole Beharie wanted to stay with Sleepy Hollow but the show runners wanted her out since the start of Season 2 but didn't want to lose viewers/ratings so now we have the she wanted to leave but we were begging her to stay story. Nicole Beharie can't contradict the Studio if she wants to keep working.

TOO REAL said...

They way they treated her, who wouldn't want out. I just don't see this show lasting. Two good and important characters actors gone. I don't see this show making it.

Anonymous said...

We watched Sleepy Hollow because of Nicole Beharie
Not because of her in the closet co star or the chick with the Evil eyebrows that connect across her forehead.
The show Sleepy Hollow is more ritualistic than interesting. And now that Nicole is gone

Anonymous said...

They've been trying to get rid of her for a while.

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