Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Nick Cannon Gets NO Money In Divorce

Over the past few months there have been rumors that Nick Cannon was holding up his divorce from Mariah Carey [click here if you missed that].

While Nick admits there is a hold up, he wants everyone to know its NOT about money...

Nick Cannon tells Howard Stern,
“First of all, there’s no money involved whatsoever. Don’t I wish that was the case!”
So what's the hold up? It all boils down to child custody.

Nick explains,
“This is the thing. Mariah and I are super cool. We talk every day. I’m like a recurring character on a sitcom, ‘I’m here to pick up the kids!’”
“In my freestyle, I said ‘time spent with your kids is considered visitation by the system’, which is f**ked up. That’s pain right there. It’s unfair and a lot of times it’s unfair to the fathers in the situation… “It’s tough and one of the reasons why we’re still dealing with what we’re dealing with.”


Anonymous said...

That's because it was never about money. They both got what they wanted outof this "arrangement". She got kids he got a career.

Anonymous said...

I guess he's a Moor now? Wearing a turban.

Anonymous said...

It was always all about the money. Maybe he didn't realize Mariah was smarter than he thought.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it was about the money at all. It's not like the man doesn't make money on his own. He is always working on some show be it corny or not.

Anonymous said...

It is likely he knew this before they got married. I doubt it was ever about money. It's not like he's some Mon-Fri 9-5 with weekends and holidays off making 50k a year type of guy. Nothing wrong with "that guy" on the surface, but that's not who Nick is and Maria wouldn't let a guy like that get anywhere near as far as Nick has. He's had money making potential and has made money for years. Nick gon' be alright.

The King Of The Real said...

get them papers right

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