Friday, July 29, 2016

Notorious B.IG. Series Coming to TBS

TBS just green lit a scripted series about the late rapper The Notorious B.I.G...

According to reports the show, "Think B.I.G.," will follow an inner-city teen trying to make a way his his daughter and infant son.

The entire series will be based on lyrics from Biggie Smalls music.

The project is being produced and created by Mass Appeal in partnership with Wayne Barrow of Bystorm Films and Voletta Wallace for Notorious B.I.G. Inc.


Anonymous said...

For the love of God, please say this ain't so! Rediculous...smh

Ron said...

Can someone pleassssse go help these Hollyweird writers to come up with some original material. Geshhhhh

Anonymous said...

for what reason???

Anonymous said...

Stop acting surprised! This is how demons make money!

GG said...

Let the dead RIP!

Anonymous said...

Loved Biggie, hated the Biggie movie so I won't be watching this show.

trying to imagine how CBS is going to play out songs such as "A message to the fellas that really gets them pissed but she started that fucking family she fucked my fucked my D so why she mad at me. plus your sister looks better than you, give head better than you, pussy get wetter than you."

Anonymous said...

Biggie was worth more dead than alive to Puffy...

-Rumors are that Puffy and Bad Boy Records settled out of court with the west coast Biggy Smallz for $1,000,000 for the use of the name “Biggie Smalls”

– Even though Biggie rapped about living a large life and having millions of dollars, he actually had very little in his name at the time of his death. The contract that he signed with Puffy and Bad Boy Records was paying him nowhere near what his actual worth was at the time. Biggie’s contract actually payed him very little.

– Uptown Records and its parent company MCA didn’t like the original “Ready To Die” album. Andre Harell and others didn’t like the album and thought it was ‘too hard”. Uptown Records and MCA didn’t want to deal with repercussions of releasing a hard core rap album

– Biggie had signed most of his publishing right over to Puff in exchange for a flat fee

– Mrs. Wallace has always said that she spoiled Biggie growing up and that he was never as broke as he portrayed in his music

– The Lox has said that on the night of Biggie’s murder, they were suppose to get into the car with him. Biggie told them not to and to take their own car to meet up with him later

– Biggie’s car accident, which hospitalized Biggie for 3 months, occurred 3 days after 2Pac was shot in Las Vegas

– There are rumors that Craig Mack helped Biggie write some tracks on “Ready To Die”

– Biggie was planning on opening up a strip club in Atlanta in 1998

– “Ready To Die” only sold less than 60,000 copies the first week of its release even with Bad Boy Records heavy promotion of the project

– “Ready to Die” costs Bad Boy Records almost $500,000 to make

– Biggie wanted to own his own publishing company when he retired from rap

– Even though Puffy was fired from Uptown Records, the label still retained the rights to all of Biggie’s recorded music. They originally were not happy with the hard core related content of the album and did not want to release. Uptown Records was prepared to leave the album on the shelf

– On Biggie’s last day alive, he was suppose to go to the studio to do work on Puffy’s album “No Way Out”. But Biggie told Puffy he was having fun in LA and had already finished the work on his album. He just wanted to relax and celebrate that last day in LA

Anonymous said...

Hollywood know how to get money out of Negroes. I bet you millions of niggas will tune in. I wish we stop falling for it.

Ron said...

Chile some of us are still enslaved in the mind.

Goliano said...


Anonymous said...

Big was not the best rapper alive. That was marketing against west coast rapper and the best eva. TUPAC. All this hype about Biggie is annoying. Biggie was a good rapper. Best ever. NO. One album. Diddy did a good job capitalizing and making money. But Lord stop it.

Anonymous said...

This is the first Biggie project since BIG's death that Diddy won't be apart of. Hmmmm! Interesting.

SN: I really wish we could use emojis on here.

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