Friday, August 19, 2016

Katt Williams Sued Over Beat Down

Comedian Katt Williams is being sued by a former assistant accusing him of a brutal assault...

According to reports Katt Williams just got slapped with a $1 million civil lawsuit by a former assistant who claims Katt put her in the hospital for talking on the phone.

Angelina Triplett-Hill claims she was on a movie set in 2014 working for Katt when he noticed she was on the phone, became enraged and lunged at her. Triplett-Hill says Katt ordered her into a near-by van where he snatched her phone, hurled it towards the other end of the van and then terrorized her, calling her a bitch, and becoming increasing enraged until he finally hit her in the face, slammed her to the ground and knocked her unconscious.

Triplett-Hill claims she spent 3 days in the hospital and immediately quit her job.

She is now suing Katt for physical pain and damages in excess of $1 million.


Roderick Billionaire said...

In the words of katt Williams. But how many times have I been convicted though not never lol Go head Katt

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