Friday, August 26, 2016

Nicole Murphy Con Artist Headed to Trial

Back in 2007 one of the first ever exclusives on Rhymes with Snitch was a tip we received about Nicole Murphy's then boyfriend Troy Stratos burning through her $15 million divorce settlement from Eddie Murphy [click here if you missed that].

It was also the first time we received a cease and desist letter demanding we take down a post, but turns out the story was true...

This week Nicole Murphy admitted that Troy, who she has known since high school, conned her out of over half her divorce settlement by claiming to know Middle Eastern business men that could invest her money in oil shares.

Troy also told Nicole the oil guys wanted to purchase the house she got in her settlement at a huge profit and that she needed to lease two luxury cars that would be purchased as part of a package deal.

In reality Troy was living in the house rent free, driving the cars around town and had taken Nicole's money and invested it in his own bank account which he used to fund his lavish lifestyle and gambling addiction.

From The Daily Mail 
Murphy's attempts to try to get her money back have so far failed.
She hired private investigator Bill Branscum, a former special agent who worked with the FBI's organized crime strike force in Miami, to dig into Stratos' background.
Branscum followed fraudster Stratos' trail from Florida to California to Canada and France.
According to documents seen by Daily Mail Online Branscum found a realtor in Maui, Hawaii who said he gave Stratos $1.9 million for an investment that never happened.
He also found more wealthy women targeted by Stratos in Vancouver, Canada who gave the conman at least $16 million and a string of men who said they were his lovers and victims of his scams.
Troy has been charged with three counts of mail fraud, 12 counts of wire fraud, four counts of money laundering, and one count of obstruction of justice in Nicole's criminal case against him and his trial is scheduled to begin September 12.


Anonymous said...

Wooooooow! I remember this as an early reader of RWS (I was still in undergrad and enjoyed the funny gossip and tea.)

So wait, she gave this man cash money for "deals" so he could be a conduit to "Arabs" sight unseen? And since when do "Arab men" allow women to rent or lease anything for or on behalf of them? I'm trying not to judge her, but this is some American Greed-type BS.

Sounds like she was trying to get something for nothing and met her hustler match.

Anonymous said...

her face looks like a con artist....eww she look like a HIGH PLACE WITCH of the 9th order

Anonymous said...

If she knew him since HS what qualifications did he present her that he could do this job. I don't have millions of dollars in the bank but if anyone comes at me with a too good opportunity I'm micromanaging they ass. Friends, Family and other cause if you rip me off all the above will become a stranger to me anyway.

Anonymous said...

American greed and a gullible insecure woman. Bad mix.

Sunni Daze said...

And this is the reason why I am selfish and petty wit my coins. I aint giving shit to a boyfriend without some signed contract.

Felicia said...


Anonymous said...

"And a string of men who said they were his lovers and victims of his scams."

A warning to the ladies: Get a background check, check court docs, and social media on these dudes before you let them into your home. And a real man (no matter his station in life) will not accept money from women. And if you're doing a "business deal" get the info in writing and check the info against best practices. Does this person have a history of lawsuits? Are they in debt? It's not paranoid to check, it's just smart.

(All it takes is a trip to the kitchen and someone can rifle through your drawers, find a blank check, and clean out your bank account via wire transfers, etc.)

Anonymous said...

ummmm...5 kids and married to a multi-millionaire and that's all she got in the settlement? and then you let someone con you out of that...interesting

Anonymous said...

she has a type, "feminine guys"

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a Lifetime movie

Anonymous said...

Perhaps she should have hired the ex-FBI investigator BEFORE she handed him millions. She certainly has a type, ZESTY

The King Of The Real said...

you was on it snitch

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