Saturday, August 06, 2016

Prince Family to Fight Sale of Paisley Park Studio

Earlier this week there were rumors that the bank managing Prince's estate was moving to liquidate his real estate portfolio [click here if you missed that].

Now the family is fighting to keep Paisley Park studios off the list...

According to reports the estate has submitted a list of properties they want to sell and Paisley Park Studios is at the top of the list with an estimated value of $7 million.

However, insiders tell TMZ the family want to turn Paisley Park into a museum are are fighting tooth and nail to keep the studio from being sold.

A decision has not been made.


Anonymous said...

I think most people would like to see it become a museum. Why the rush? They should bring in a forensic investigator to scan the property to see if there was any foul play involved in his death.

Anonymous said...

The plan has been all along to turn it into a museum. They are trying to sell off his entire legacy; it can't happen. We see you, demons.

JDent said...

THESE MOTHERFUCKKKAS. The estate ain't fuckin broke. He ain't even been dead 6 months. This is why they destroyed the will, so they can scatter his legacy to the wind and then suck the profits from his catalog for years to come.

I ain't buying that some never heard of guy is his son, either. Just another way to secure PRINCE ROGERS NELSONS money. I hate these ppl.

JDent said...

THESE MOTHERFUCKKKAS. The estate ain't broke.
They just want to scatter his legacy to the wind. And then suck the profits from his catalog for years to come. That's why they destroyed the will.

I also don't buy they found some never heard of son, either. Just another way to drain the man's hard earned wealth for themselves.

I wish he had given his sister a copy of his will. She gon' be just like Katherine Jackson. They keep the bulk of his fortune and dole out pennies to her.

Anonymous said...

This man THAT THEY MURDERED contributed so much music it only makes perfect sense to make a museum out of paisley park.

Funny how these reports from "insiders" keep going to TMZ...yeah OK


Anonymous said...

^^^Preach ya'll...this is 4:10, and yes to ALL THIS. Them demon bastards think we're's what they've wanted to do all along--FUCK THEM, they will get what they deserve in the end.

Anonymous said...

Rws..I see that y'all are at it again deleting my comments

It's sickening

OT: Those devil's ain't fooling nobody

Anonymous said...

We see you Warner Brothers

Anonymous said...

well the family can't look for fan support, not after the way they cremated him 2 days after he died. Until you experience the loss of a family member, co=worker, friend, etc, you know how important it is for people who were attached to the person deserves proper closure. Prince was here Wednesday morning and cremated Friday morning.

My mom didn't get this. Like many of you, she felt if the family wants privacy, they should get it. FF this past summer when her manager died. Guess what his family did? The same thing Prince's family did. His friends of 40+ years, co workers, students, etc were all torn apart and in disbelief. At a separate memorial other educators had to remember the manager, grown men were sobbing and choked up cuz they couldn't say good bye and see him one last time.

I say all this to say Prince's family handled his death in a rush way, so the banks will continue to move it right along. So again, don't expect fan support and outcry now. Sell everything. You cremated him as if he never existed, get rid of everything.

Anonymous said...

TMZ owned by Warner Brothers...His family has no idea what they are dealing with. He should have never went back for those demonic masters. The price was too much.#michealjackson #jimmyhendricks

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