Monday, August 29, 2016

T.I. Supports Colin Kaepernick's Anti-National Anthem Protest

Last Thursday San Fransisco 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick remained seated during the National Anthem setting off a firestorm of backlash.

Colin explains his stance and rapper T.I. offers his support...

In a press conference following Sunday's game Colin explains,
"It's to bring awareness and make people realize what is really going on in this country. There are a lot of things that are going on that is unjust, people aren't being held accountable for and that's something that needs to change."
"This country stands for freedom, liberty, justice for all — and it's not happening for all right now."
"I'll continue to sit, I'm going to continue to stand with the people that are being oppressed. To me this is something that has to change and when there's significant change and I feel like that flag represents what its supposed to represent and this country is representing people the way its supposed to, I'll stand."
"There are people being murdered unjustly and not being held accountable. Cops are getting paid leave for killing people."

While some 49ers fans have taken to streets to burn Kapernick's jersey, rapper T.I. offered his support.


Anonymous said...

Black Power!!

if you really wanna shut shiit down in this country...DO NOT PURCHASE OR BUY NOTHING OR CELEBRATE NO DAMN CHRISTMAS OR THANKSGIVING....shut the Economy (and white people's pockets ) Down!!!

Anonymous said...

of course TI would support this. he is a POS anyway. if both of them dont like the US... get the hell out. go try living in another country and see how u like. there are many other ways to protest something. this UGLY football player went about it the wrong way. from the way the people were acting on the news I hope he hires some security.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I don't buy Kap's sincererity.
If Kap was still the starter on a Super Bowl contender, you think he would have made this stance?

He didn't make this stance at the Super Bowl when he was at his most marketable?

Cops have been beaten niggas for tears, why is he just now waking up to it?????

He has nothing to lose.

ME said...

^^^big mad^^^

Ron said...

Any black person that stands for the pledge is enslaved in the mind.

Ron said...

Some of your comments are strange. Why you think Gabby didn't put her hand over her heart? For what? A country that don't give a fu$$k about her. She did the right thing and some black people will beg the white man to love them but that will Neva happen. They want to keep you oppressed but you will kiss their butt through it all. Wake the hell up damn.

Anonymous said...

Gabby got millions of dollars in endorsements...TI got money...Kapernick got he don't stand for the national anthem...don't stand or do shit because when all the laws of this country was being written, blacks weren't even considered bonafied humans...and these blacks that you all love to rally and root for?? They rich, they have a rich people issues and decide to give a fuck about race or regular people issues WHEN THEY FEEL LIKE IT...any of them going to actually talk with our youth, help really build communities, or just hop on an issue when it gets them press and next month they back to making their money and not giving a fuck as usual. Let's hop on Francis Scott Key for being racist 400 years instead of hopping on NFL owners for not contributing more to our community for giving them their "talent" or the music execs fucking new artists out there money...yeah TI and Kapernick real black heroes....and you emotional idiots eat it up..FOH

Anonymous said...

Well this country was built on the backs of my African ancestors (and native Americans) so America is just as much mine as anyone else

too real said...

enough said

Anonymous said...

The race war cometh but all will be enslaved.

Yes, I'm That Leah said...

I understand that this brother is upset, but police brutality is not new. Why people are just now finding out how things operate in law enforcement and the judicial system against people of color is unbelievable, to me. They are really behaving as if they are in total shock.

Without a nationwide economic boycott, our talk and marches mean nothing.

We had a Million Man March in 1995. About 850,000 men showed up for that... unity is still possible in large, I don't understand why people of color can't unite for 24-48 hours, and only go to work and the grocery store. Stop complaining, and take action by eliminating all retail for 2 days.

Pastors, professors and civil rights activists can get this organized in the communities.

Ron said...

I don't care about none of these celebrities but this guy is telling the truth about the national anthem. I"m not putting my hand over my heart and I ain't singing no song and nor is my black child. I don't practice the white man's religion anymore I am free to explore the truth. It has nothing to do with me. It wasn't written for me or about my people. You people that believe so much in the Bible there are many versus in that very book that speaks negative about you but you continue to uphold it until your dying breath. The Gods ain't listening to you cause you are praying to the wrong one. Black folks can run up in the church and pray pray pray but we keep getting the same results so maybe you should rethink your strategy just sayin. Don't get made at me for speaking the truth either. The Bible is fake and religion was put in place to control the masses and it has did a number on the black race. We are running up in a church with a white Jesus on the wall and giving money to a pastor when none of these churches are helping the starving poor in their own community and you think our Creator will be happy about that? Jesus is a myth too. TRUTH!!!

Yes, I'm That Leah said...

Cops have been beaten niggas for tears, why is he just now waking up to it?????
@ 9:26

That's what I'm asking myself. Every. single. day. Why are they in shock mode??????? I guess denial is a powerful thing.

Have a good day everyone!

Anonymous said...

White folks really in the black blogs now WOW

Anonymous said...

Hold on cause yall sound like some real delusional niggas for real. Not shopping on Christmas or Thanksgiving or whatever fuck would make no damn difference. Black people as a whole dont make up even 15% of the United States population nor even 25% of its consumer spending power! Besides this is 2016, and due to Globalization even it you were to pull off some mass boycott by all Black people (which would NEVER happen) it wouldn't even be a drop in the bucket to the Multi-national corporations.

Far as Kap goes, he's lucky he even has a job at this point. This dude been washed and knows he needs to latch onto something before he gets canned! Far as T.I. goes, well I dont know how anybody can take him serious as some "social justice warrior" all of sudden LOL. I mean seriously not long ago he was the gangster rapper caught with 1000 illegal firearms who was doing commercials 1800-TIPS for the Atlanta PD. LMAO

Anonymous said...

I bet Kapernick woke up as soon as he had to play under racist-ass (allegedly) Chip Kelly who just oozes hatred.

Kapernick should quietly build a financial entity to reinvest the money he made as a football player. He should use this monetary system to build wealth independent of sports so he can build real power. Symbolic gestures are great because it gets the message out, but we need to build financial power.

List of Black people in America who created wealth independent of the sports or entertainment industries:

-Eddie C. Brown
-Richard Parsons
-Johnson Publishing Family
-Alphonse Fletcher Jr.
-Mellody Hobson

Sorry if I forgot anyone; And please remember real estate is not a form of wealth. Precious metals, gemstones, or simply putting a dollar under the mattress one at a time rather than spending it on sneakers, etc. are the only ways to truly build wealth. Peace.

Yes, I'm That Leah said...

@ 10:31

I actually do understand that. That is why I said "people of color", not just black people. All people of color
( not just black) need to come together for an extremely successful boycott.

As far as Christmas, etc. I keep the Sabbath, and there's a lot of people like me and Ron (above) that don't participate in those holidays. I think those that do celebrate might reconsider doing it.

Anonymous said...


Or abt jumping on the NFL for building their Stadiums across the country with TAX PAYER money!

blashi said...

I ain't mad but did he stand up two weeks ago ? hell yeah he did he just made because he will be sitting on the bench for the rest of his career GTFOH with that bs Colin ain't yo momma white

Anonymous said...

@10:31 Um, what are you talking about?

"Black Consumers Have ‘Unprecedented Impact' in 2015 ~ Nielsen reports black consumers in 2015 have reached a "tipping point" in their impact, especially online."

So please stop with the "Black spending doesn't matter/Black people don't matter" BS. If we don't matter, then why are you trolling here?

Anonymous said...


Sorry but that won't happen. Black people are far to diverse in thinking for any of that now. Niggas might be down for that but hard working Middle Class Black people aint got time for that fuckery.

The real problem we have is a "class" problem in America. Which is being twisted by the LEFTISTS' and Open Society Foundation as some over arching "race problem" when in Truth these same Foundations and groups are using the low information blacks as pawns for a completely different agenda. A lot of Black people (not NIGGAS) are awake and hip to what is being done and aren't going for it.

Anonymous said...

@10:31 Um, what are you talking about?

"Black Consumers Have ‘Unprecedented Impact' in 2015 ~ Nielsen reports black consumers in 2015 have reached a "tipping point" in their impact, especially online."

So please stop with the "Black spending doesn't matter/Black people don't matter" BS. If we don't matter, then why are you trolling here?

laza said...

What is wrong with some of your? A brother speaks up about injustice and your got a problem. Some of your are scared of change, you better get used to it because it's coming!

Anonymous said...

@10:58 - Please stop with the ridiculous delineations. Yes, class issues are the biggest most pressing in our country, but to think you're not viewed through the same prism by a system that seeks to divide everyone ("Niggas vs. Middle Class Blacks," "Blacks vs. Whites" is delusional.

I have an Ivy League degree and grew up in a top 5% tax base and I understand this. So to think that money alone insulates one from racism is delusional. I'm sorry for what seems to be an ad hominem attack, but you sound self-hating, under-educated/like you get all your news from the Internet and haven't read a book in years. Do you read financial white papers and have you been following the Fed and the meeting of Central Bankers in Jackson Hole this past weekend? Probably not because you were too busy putting people down to make yourself feel better about your alleged "superiority" to other Blacks.

Anonymous said...

Exactly @10:10 and black people are definitely NOT ready for it...

Anonymous said...

I agree with Squidward on this. I may stand for the national anthem but I don't put my hand over my heart nor do I saying. Any black person that is patriotic is brainwashed!

Yes, I'm That Leah said...

@ The first 10:58

I don't really see the difference in a poor uneducated or an educated middle class black person willing to stand up. Black people need to unite and get this done regardless of how they live.

I think young people may be in shock because they thought these problems were taken care of by an older generation? Young people live so doggone cooped up with their phone and computers now? So many of them lack coping skills, and don't live in the reality of the real world? For whatever reason, they are upset now, and don't know what to do but lash out. I think High School and college students would be willing to participate in a well organized boycott. It beats wasting time in the streets!

I think it can happen successfully if people are willing to get out of their materialistic comfort zones, and give up something to get something. It would not be hard to organize something huge with black radio and social media going. There's no excuse for our pastors and educators to not at least try. I don't know why I'm hoping these FAKE Sunday preachers will step up. They probably won't.

Ron said...

10:58 Thank you!! People please read and do research about the facts when speaking about African American or African people's history and struggles.

Ron said...

The pastors want to keep you brainwashed to keep getting your money. Don't expect the truth from them. Stop lying to your children about these holidays and what they mean. You are helping to keep them mentally enslaved . Please teach them the truth and to stand up for something. Christmas is just a made up lie about Jesus and we teach our children this bull crap when we come from Africa and our culture is different. What's wrong with celebrating Kwanza?

Anonymous said...


The issue at hand has nothing to do with Central Fractional Reserve Banking. Please stay on topic. As to your assertion that I sound under-educated because my view isn't in the lock step with the Left, sounds like a personal problem and has no bearing on my BSIT level of education.

" but to think you're not viewed through the same prism by a system that seeks to divide everyone"

^ This is a narrative which you have bought into and actually are actively engaged in. The "system" which would I will assume that being the Capitalist system by far has done more to uplift people of all races and all nationalities unlike any other in Human History. An example of this would be your self proclaimed "Ivy League" education as well as your proclaimed parents tax bracket. So your kind of full of shit with the "RACIST AMERICA" narrative.

Anonymous said...

Not buying Colin's stance. Right now whites are mad and they just talking shit so he ain't bothered. Holla at me when they start fucking with his money and he still stay true to his stance. I bet he will sing a different tune then. And I refuse to believe this mofo is half black. His mama lying about who his real daddy is. Nigga look like them Arabian/ middle Eastern mofos.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I guess my point, 11:48, is that if you're here to troll, take it someplace else. If you want to have a clear dialogue and discuss ideas with people of color in what we feel is a safe and welcoming space, feel free.

It's just that everything you espouse is dripping with sarcasm and self-hatred. It shines through and really makes one feel as though they're in a dialogue with someone who adopts conservative ideology to "sound smart." You know the kind of people, right? They skim but have read no actual books on Keynesian theory but enjoy grandstanding and attacking others?

"Stay on topic?" I believe what I said was germane to the topic and while I really shouldn't go back and forth with you, someone needs to take you to task because you're doing more harm than good with your rhetoric.

And how do you know I'm "A Leftist?" Perhaps I'm a Registered Libertarian who can smell your BS at ten paces. Please, just stop.

Anonymous said...

At all events I attend, I wait until the Anthem is played, then I'll go into the event.

I don't make a scene about it. Blacks have fought in every war this country has waged.

We pay taxes only to be treated less than still.

These taxes fuel the pockets of corporate white supremacist and perpetuate blacks third class citizenship.

But if this quarterback feels this way, maybe he needs to take his money and run.
He knows what he signed up for!

Anonymous said...

White people are mad at his ass. LOL. I guess he thought since he is 1/2 white and was adopted by a white family and only fucks white girls that the rednecks would give him a pass. WRONG! No matter how much white folks like you, love you or adore you....once you really piss them off you instantly become "that nigger". Who does that nigger think he is? Look at that nigger. I hate that nigger. That nigger is a piece of shit.

Colin Kaepernick, you ARE that nigger. LOL.

JDent said...


I agree with you. Slaves owners paid Black preachers to keep Black folk in line with THEIR religion. I don't follow they shit either.

I like that Kap did this. Millions or not he will be affected. Rosa Parks sat down, too. Kap is engaging in civil disobedience. Blacks around the country are standing up. In their own way.

The PTB are paying attention.

Everything in this country is forever tainted with the horrors of slavery. YT don't want to be reminded. They have this myth that the so called founders were good benevolent men is BULLSHIT.

Those motherfuckers were kidnappers, rapists, murderers, pedophiles. SO fuck them. Black folks are fed the fuck up.

AND if some of y'all don't like the way he chose to make his statement. Make your own statement.

The King Of The Real said...


Unknown said...

Excellent @10:11am

THAT is the answer.

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