Thursday, December 22, 2016

Reality Star Dead of Suspected Overdose

MTV's 16 and Pregnant star Valerie Fairman found dead of a suspected overdose...

According to reports Valerie was found unresponsive in the bathroom by a friend she was visiting in Philadelphia.

Val's mom confirms the news telling TMZ her daughter had been in five different rehabs over the past five years with no success.

Valery was arrested earlier this year for violating probation, giving false identification and resisting arrest.


Anonymous said...

Overdose of what? Is she black? Her dumb ass moma need to be locked up and charged with being a unfit parent. RIP

Chrissy Snow said...

Why does her race matter and how is her mother to blame? This girl wasn't 16 when she died she was a grown woman who made the decision to leave her baby with grandma and prostitute herself to feed her drug habit.
I remember watching her episode thinking that baby is screwed. The daddy was a POS and Valerie was a clueless 15 year old drop out at that time.
I feel sorry for the child she left behind.

Anonymous said...

Why the black woman dead? The white bitches killed her!

Anonymous said...

Her race matters because she's being posted on RWS (for what IDK) and it's her mother's fault for not choosing a better man to father her children. They need to end this show because it only promotes teen pregnancy for a check and reality fame (much to dr drew's denial).

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