Thursday, April 13, 2017

Tyga Owes Injured Fan Big Bucks

Rapper Tyga on the hook for hundreds of thousands of dollars after failing to pay a fan injured at his concert...

According to reports Tyga was sued by a fan two years ago after she was hit in the head with a falling light stand at his concert in Grand Rapids, MI.

The fan won a $235k judgment but Tyga hasn't paid up and the amount has grown to nearly $250k.

This month the fan filed legal docs asking a judge to force Tyga to pay up, but since the rapper broke up with his Kylie Jenner bank account [click here if you missed that], the fan is probably out of luck.


Anonymous said...

Snitch is throwing Shade !! Lol

Anonymous said...

Rofl @ this damn photo lol you got a nigga looking extra stupid rofl why with these pictures and hidden commentary family.

Tyga a good man Snitch. Look, all he wants is to find a nice white teenager to pay his bills while he Teddy Bendagrasses his way into stardom.

In the meantime, Honey Boo Boo's mama watch out. This dick sucking French fry may try and finesse your child out of her E earnings next.

-the virgin

Anonymous said...

Kylie, call me back. Only you can fuck me long dick style like Jamal.

Kris Jenner please don't beat me. With a little contouring, I can be just as marketable as Blac Chyna and Khloe.

-said Bye-ga, formerly known as Tyga

Anonymous said...

Kylie and Tyga will be back together soon and she will pay the $$$ to the fan. Nothing new here.

Anonymous said...

9:34 LMAO! Lol!!!!!

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